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Attempted reply to <detailed> thread is causing major system freeze

By OldER Mycroft ·
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The content of the initial post seems to have been deleted, but NOT as spam.

It an archive from September 2007.

My attempt to ask 'why it's been deleted' necessitated a forced shutdown + complete re-boot!

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Strange you should say that....

by tintoman In reply to Attempted reply to <detai ...

I looked at that thread today and since then my IE has been performing like a rhumatic sloath with 2 heavy bags of shopping

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badly performing IE...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Strange you should say th ...

I have been having IE performance issues out here for a couple of days now. While typing letters don't show up until a word is nearly complete, pages don't quite fully load, scrolling is slow and jumpy. Not having this problem elsewhere. Hmmm...

edit to add: The above occurs almost exclusively while attempting to reply to a post.

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Same here...

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to badly performing IE...

I have complained for quite a while that the ad server is wreaking havoc with this site. But, it's still there and still attempting to serve the huge ads that fail to load. And, the page thinks it can't load until it's done.

To prevent it from dragging the system down, I simply click STOP to make the ad server quit attempting to download. From there, the rest of the page fully loads and the CPU usage goes back to normal so I can type without a drag down.

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Some other things to try

by Tig2 In reply to Same here...

If using an alternative is an option, try Firefox with the "No Scripts" plug in.
That plug in will allow you to selectively run scripts when they are served to
you. Another tool I use is Firebug and YSlow. They will tell you what is
bogging you down.

I just went out to the link and have no issues on returning here. I'm using
Safari, however so that may be why.

Doug knows that something is happening. They have been trying to isolate
the problem for some time now and hope to have a fix.

Check IE- there may be something analogous to the Firefox "No Scripts"
available for your version.

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why was it deleted

by Jaqui In reply to Attempted reply to <detai ...

cause the poster is an idjit and deleted it himself/herself.

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I did manage to guess that much, but why? <NT>

by OldER Mycroft In reply to why was it deleted
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I'm having that same problem with a different thread

by AV . In reply to Attempted reply to <detai ...

The minute I go into the thread about Hackers declaring war on Scientology, my IE becomes unresponsive. My cpu utilization goes up to 55% and the text I type doesn't appear on the screen immediately. I did see a URL at the bottom of my screen, part of which said adlog. If I close IE and go back in its ok. Maybe its the Scientologists.


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IE Crashes while responding to a post

by SynapsE_z In reply to Attempted reply to <detai ...

It's been doing that for a couple of days now. In fact this is my second attempt at replying to this post. CPU usage goes to about 25% for IE before the crash.

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I deleted my temporary Internet files

by AV . In reply to IE Crashes while respondi ...

Now its working correctly. I did get an ad floating across my screen after that though from to take a survey. I have had that happen from time to time on TR.


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