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By johannescmoore ·
The Problem:
- I can't get internet access using my laptop through my new wireless router. I've used my laptop successfully at other locations (public library, Panera, etc), but I've never had wireless at home before (therefore, I've never had to set it up before).

The Background:
- I have perfect access using my desktop (hardwired to the router).
- Using my laptop, I can access the router settings wirelessly, but I cannot access the internet and Norton can't download updates.
- The icons on the taskbar indicate an Excellent connection.
- I can ping the router using the laptop.
- According to the "Activity" in the "Wireless Network Connection Properties", I am sending and receiving packets with no problems at all.

The Specs:
- I have a D-Link Wireless G ADSL2/2+ router kit.
- My desktop is running XP.
- My laptop is a Dell Inspiron with on-boadrd wireless. It is also running XP.

What I've tried:
- Changing the router channel from 6 to 5.
- Encrypting the connection and leaving it unencrypted. No effect on the problem.
- My TCP/IP properties are set to Obtain IP address automatically and to Obtain the DNS server address automatically.
- The router's DHCP is enabled.
- I've disabled the onboard Wi-Fi, and instead used the USB Wireless adapter that came with the router. No love. Now I'm back to using the onboard wi-fi.
- I've allowed Windows to manage the wireless connection rather than the Dell Wireless Utility.
- I've made both IE and Firefox my default browser, with no difference in results.
- I've accessed the settings for both browsers and changed the SSL settings, with no difference in results.
- The Router is allowing open access.
- My SSID seems to be just fine.
- Windows firewall is disabled, as is Norton.
- I've run SpyBot, AdAware, Windows Defender, and Hijackthis on my laptop.
- I've disabled the wi-fi and plugged my laptop into the router using Cat5, with the same results: I can access the router settings, but no internet resources.

I'm not a computer newbie, but I'm not an IT professional; please don't shoot a comment from the hip and assume I know how to execute your request.

Thanks in advance for any help I receive.

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OK I'll try to Keep It Simple

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Attempting to access inte ...

as you are unable to access the Internet with either a WiFi or Wired connection it has to be a setting in the router possibly in the very basic settings that are preventing you from connecting with the NB.

As you haven't given the correct Model of D Link WiFi Router I can not point you to the right place to look but it will be in the manual, if you have one of those Manuals that come as a PDF File print it out as you'll find it easier to read and when you are making changes to the router things work better if you only have one computer connected at the time.

If you wish to download the Manual the Model Number will start with a DI something. D Links web Site is located here if you need to download anything and as this is a router it's probably a good idea to flash the firmware to have the most current Security settings available.


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Model number of router

by johannescmoore In reply to OK I'll try to Keep It Si ...



I've gone to the D-Link site and downloaded the firmware. I haven't flashed them yet, because I'm afraid that it will reset all my setting to factory default. That, for me, is a last-ditch effort.

I've also read all the .pdf files, but my problem wasn't addressed anywhere.

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Check IP Settings

by willcomp In reply to Attempting to access inte ...

From a command prompt run:

ipconfig /all

Check that IP address assigned is within DHCP range of router and that DNS addresses are correct for your ISP (should be same DNS addresses as your desktop).

Also connect your notebook via ethernet cable and verify that you can connect wired. If not, download and run winsockfix.exe.

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willcomp - THANK YOU

by johannescmoore In reply to Check IP Settings

Winsock rocked my world.

I wish I had asked for help here last night (you know, before I spent 12 hours trying to figure this out).

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You're Welcome

by willcomp In reply to willcomp - THANK YOU

Glad to help.

Now you need to scan for adware/spyware. That's often the cause of winsock problems.

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