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Attention IT Engineers!

By the_webninja ·
I am writing this because I am seeing a lot of things develop in the Computer Industry, and I am hoping that some of the Engineers actually spend time on this Server, so that I can communicate my ideas to them, and hopefully we can change things for the better.

Engineering Computers to be quieter.
Originally most engineers thought that everyone who was complaining about the "Noise" thought that we were all talking about "Fan Noise" which some of us WERE talking about, but not actually referring to the harmonic resonance of audible sound waves, but we were referring to the AC signals that were possibly being produced by the Coils in the Fans generating residual AC line noise in the Circuit which somehow was making it's way to the sound card then when amplified in a a Surround-a-sound type environment, it hums like power generator out of control!

Recently I have seen many engineers obsessed with reducing the Sound Waves coming from the Fan Noise, but not paying too much attention to the actual Problem. That, being uninsulated or unisolated AC residual line noise. I see Engineers making rubber seals and padded cases, and doing everything they can to "Quiet the System" with out actually understanding WHY they are trying to "quiet the system".

Musicians, and Recording Artists need to have quiet PCs in order to Record a good clean signal with the Computer. Right now it is being done all over the world, but it could be done better. Most Recording Computers are stuck in a Sound proof airconditioned box, this helps keep the Computer from generating sound that can be picked up by the Microphones, and it keeps the computer cool.
So Padded Cases and Water Cooled CPU Blocks are not helping anything.

If you want to make a REAL Difference work on reducing or controlling the AC residual Line noise. Maybe even include fully adjustable DBX filters or something on the Sound Cards.

Chip Engineers need to make CPU Chips Physically Bigger, to allow for more Memory space in L1 and L2 Cache which would speed up the Processors, and possibly allow for more workspace in the Core Processors.

Computer Cases need to include Tiny Airconditioners/ Dehumidifiers on the Back or Top of each case. This is the best solution to the Cooling Problems. This would reduce the need for a half a dozen fans on the inside of the PC and reduce the residual line noise created by these Fans. And a Water Cooled Case is a Ridiculous concept, because in order to cool everything with a Water Cooled system, you would have to run Water lines to the CPU, the Hard Drive, the Video Card, and the Memory, as well as a couple of other Chips on the Motherboard which have the possiblity of needing a little cooling. An Airconditioner would much better server this purpose, and could insulate the case from ambient noise because you would have less holes coming out of the case, because the Airconditioner would need to have the Case sealed to keep the Cool air inside. This would make the Computer MUCH Quieter both in ambient and residual line noise. You would be killing a whole bunch of birds with one stone by Airconditioning the Cases.

Motherboard Compatibility.
As Consumers begin to try to understand how to fix the PC, we approach the vast differences in Motherboards, and the Nightmare of Confusion because of the differences. It is almost as bad as back in the days when the War Between IBM and Apple was waged. And we need to take a really close look at what happened because IBM was gracious enough to allow everyone to use their Design. It completely changed the World of Computers, which in turn changed the World of ALL engineering, which in turn evolutionized all industries around the world.

What I trying to say is that I think that all the Motherboard Engineers need to get together an simplify things a little bit, and decide on a better uniform Design for motherboards, make sure you have PLENTY of PCI-E and PCI Slots, because I am telling you right now 4 Slots is not enough for the Future.

Too many Motherboard Engineers are designing Motherboards for the El Cheapo people in the World , and spiting the rest of us. I want Motherboards with NO SOUND, NO VIDEO, Faster Bus Speeds, so fast that in some Cases the Motherboard could out process the CPU! That's what I want, I want Capabilities for WAY more Memory because 64 bit Software directs most of the Memory Access to the Motherboard Memory instead of the Virtual memory on the Hard Drive, so we need Software that can Recognize more Memory, and we need Motherboards that will compensate for more Memory, I'm thinking like 16GB or more!
I want Faster LAN Hardware on the Motherboard or just take the On-board LAN off the Motherboard, and we can use a PCI slot for the Lan.
I want better Compatibility with Network Switches if you ARE going to put the LAN on the Motherboard, then I want it to Recognize EVERYTHING that is made! I want to know WHY my Lan can not Connect with My Network Switch when My other Computer Can! This kind of stuff should not be happening. Reduce the Headaches, make better shiit PERIOD!

When a Consumer goes to by a Motherboard, you need to make it easier for customers to be able to figure out what Motherboards Match with what Hardware. I see so many inexperienced people TRYING to put their own Systems together, and making very Costly errors because you guys are making things to damnn difficult for them to do it. STOP DOING THAT! If you want to sell your Products you have to find ways to make it easier for the Customer. LABEL your SHITT! I don't know how much time I have wasted over the years just trying to figure out what kind of Hardware is in a Particular PC. The worst Artists in the World Label their Shhit. Why can't you College Graduate Geniuses figure out a way to properly label your Shiit so we can Read it, and understand it? It ain't Rocket Science ya know?

I don't like the idea of Integrating components into the Motherboard, such as Sound, Video, Lan ect. Because that's great for the el cheapo people who can't afford to buy separate Components, but it creates configuration nightmares for people who CAN afford to Upgrade. So in essence you are Punishing the Consumer for spending more money- YOU IDIOTS!

What you SHOULD do, is offer the Consumer more CHOICES. Build Motherboards that don't have any extra stuff on it, for the people who like to Build High End PCS, and then you can build the El Cheapo Boards fully Loaded with Garbage Components for the El Cheapo people of the world.

If you stopped filling up your MotherBoards with Garbage Components, you MIGHT be able to spend some time focusing on putting some stuff in there that might actually improve performance. Like maybe a 1 GB Buffer or something. That would inspire a whole Lot of Sales believe me!

Why not try More Gold?
Gold has the best Conductive capacity of almost anything in the world. USE IT!

I guess I have given you enough Ideas for now. You should be PAYING me for this Stuff, but I guess I'll let you slide if you just Build this Shiit so I can use it.


Mark Evans
Owner of Hot Rod PCs

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Careful what you wish for

by mjd420nova In reply to Attention IT Engineers!

I have serviced about a million PC's, from the early Altairs to the newest dual core units of today. I've seen just about every conceivable type of configuration with options that are one of a kind. Unless you bulid it yourself, it would be impossible to specify what type of cards you want, whether you want those options on the motherboard or a PCI-E card, or an external box to load options into. My present units in my home are of the barebones motherboard type, with options as plug in cards. I learned the hard way about having on-board video, sound ETC. It is easier to troubleshoot and repair if those options are plug in type, however care must be taken with the placement and sheilding of power cables and appropriate audio and video cables to eliminate the NOISE that degrades those data streams. Careful planning of the systems, types of power supplies, and physical layouts of the plugin slots and processor are foremost to eliminate cross paths of cables and such. As for the actual cooling, placement of ducting and panels to route cool air over critical parts first and thru filters will go a long way to keep it cool, and quiet. Planning hard drive configurations, such as buffer sizes, RPM, and interface types will help to cut noise and eliminate physical vibrations that could set up sympathetic vibrations between mounting hardware and case hardware. I agree there's nothing worse than a machine that is so noisy you can't stand to sit near it for more than an hour without getting a headache. One solution is the closet type of setup where noisy parts are purchased with USB option and located in another room entirely. I've tried many configurations and layouts that seemed to be resistant to the usual types of approach, and for those a small cabinet with its own ventilation can be used with soundproofing added to stop offending hum and rumble. There really are no hard and fast rules to apply, trail and error will guide most and planning will yeild the best beginning and end result. Applying some sheilds and ducting to existing systems will give the best results, but above all, don't be afraid to try it, the result may surprise you.

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I want to see these people arrested...

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to Attention IT Engineers!

your words after you got a virus triggered by promise of nude pictures. Nothing you say will be noticed now....

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Your wrist must ache

by cs In reply to Attention IT Engineers!

After producing all of that stuff your wrist must ache.

Why continue to use crippled PCI intergaces when there are far better alternatives?

If you look around you can generally find mother boards matching specific needs, but if they are insufficiently popular then the manufacturer will cease producing them.

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