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Attn Linux Geeks!!!!!!

By LordInfidel ·
So i'm at one of my favorite places, the book store. And I'm thumbing thru some books. And I stumble across a new O'reilly book.

Linux Server Hacks
100 Inustrial-Strength Tips & Tricks
isbn 0-596-00461-3

It was a skinny book, and I almost missed it. But being an o'reilly book, I thumbed thru it and it seems pretty cool. Packed with some cool stuff.

Well I just got done reading the first 20 pages. And I must give a "GoD Damn!".

Basically you have to get this book. It was cheap, 24.95.

There are only 3 books in this series,
this one, google hacks and MAC OS X.

It's some pretty cool ****.

God I love O'reilly!

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