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attn mr CHAS : reformat woes

By T Mike ·
Hi,I should have known better-I tried to reformat & boy did I mess it up!I ended up with "missing operating system"and no idea how to get back...a 3.5 in the drive awards me the message..."non-system disk error,remove and press any key" get back to "missing operating system"....pressing the f1 is no doubt laughable at this point,yet cntrl/alt/del does restart...

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by compgirlfhredi In reply to attn mr CHAS : reformat w ...

System startup should be your CD Rom drive as the primary boot drive, then or floppy then cd rom. Is this correct? Is your CDRom recognized...did you fdisk? If you did this is normal "missing os" error until you reload the OS. Did you perhaps delete the primary partition and direct to a new one?

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by T Mike In reply to

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by Curacao_Dejavu In reply to attn mr CHAS : reformat w ...

turn the power on,
when the memory is counting and it's showing some information press the "del" button or F1 to go into the bios. (it gives a message on which button to press)
In there search for on how to change the order on how to change the boot devices.
change it to the following order:
1 cdrom
2 harddisk
3 floppy drive.

save and exit the bios.

Now hopefully your cd of the operating system is bootable.
put the cd in the cdrom and boot.
If done correctly it will ask if you want to start the setup via the cdrom. Tell it do to so.
Then you are done.

if that does not work.

go to and download the win98 bootable diskkete.
use that to create a bootable floppy drive and boot with it.

now depends of your system, you can or start the setup from the cdrom or boot with the cdrom option.your cd drive letter should become the e-drive.
and the start the setup from there or copy the content of the cdrom to the harddisk and start the setup via the harddisk.

put some post on how you are doing , and let us know too which operating system you are installing.


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by T Mike In reply to

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by TheChas In reply to attn mr CHAS : reformat w ...

First, which version of Windows?

Does your motherboard detect the full size of your hard drive?

Did you format the hard drive from a DOS window, or did you use a startup disk?

If the motherboard does not support your hard drive, or the drive was originally set up with a disk provided by the drive manufacture, you may need to go through a specific process to access and set up the drive.

If needed, go to the drive manufactures web site, and get the manual for their drive setup software.

Otherwise, start with the following:

In order to boot up, you need a bootable floppy.

From Windows, open either My Computer or Windows Explorer.
Place a blank floppy in the drive, and right click on the floppy drive.
Select Format.
In the dialog box, check to copy operating system, or make bootable.
Click okay, and allow the files to be copied.
(This process also sets a flag in the boot sector that makes the disk bootable.)

For Windows 95, you will need to download, extract, and copy the files from a bootdisk file from

For W98 or Me, go to Control Panel.
Open Add / Remove Programs.
Click on the Startup Disk tab.
Create a startup disk.

For Windows 2000 or XP, I recommend that you boot from the CD if your motherboard supports booting from a CD.

Boot the PC with the startup disk or CD in place.
(Use the special process from the drive mfg if needed)

From a startup floppy, at the DOS prompt, type in the command
format C: /s
The /s switch copies the system files from the floppy to the hard drive, and makes the hard drive bootable.

Insert your Windows CD, and from the A: command prompt, run setup

Setup should begin.
I recommend doing a custom installation, and installing only the Windows components that you actually use.

It is a good idea to download the latest drivers for your hardware.
I extract the files from the zip archives as needed, and burn them onto a CD.

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by TheChas In reply to

If you are running Windows 98 or Me, be cautious with Windows updates.
I would NOT install DirectX 9 or IE 6 unless the driver for your video card supports DirectX 9.

You can get IE 5.5 SP2 from the browser archive at

If you need more help, reject my answer and detail your problems in the comments.


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by T Mike In reply to

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by pctech In reply to attn mr CHAS : reformat w ...

From what I read from your question, this hard drive was already installed in your system and you formatted the hard drive. This would explain the "missing operating system" error you get on boot. You removed the operating system when you formated the hard drive. You next insert a 3 1/2" floppy diskete and get a "non system disk" error on boot indicating that this floppy diskette is not bootable, no boot files are on the diskette. You need to reinstall an opeating system onto the hard drive. You can use any operating system that your hardware will support to reinstall an operating system. Should you have any restore disks or Windows disk, simply reinstall the operating using these. To make the 3 1/2" diskette bootable, simply use any systenm that has DOS 5.0 to Win98 SE installed on it and format the diskette and transfer the system files to it. With DOS 5.0 and up, simply go the the DOS prompt and type "format /s a:", without the quotation marks, and then hit the enter key. This assumes that the A drive is a 3 1/2" floppy drive and not a 5 1/4" floppy drive. Confirm that you want to proceed and you will have a bootable diskette. Switch "s" tells DOS that you want to transfer the system files to the diskette after formatting it. Using Windows 95 - 98 SE, you can do the same format routine by going to My Computer and right click on the A drive. Select format and then choose the option to transfer the system files after the format. You can also accomplish the same thing using a DOS box and using the same commnad you would under DOS.

I hope this helps.

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by T Mike In reply to

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by T Mike In reply to attn mr CHAS : reformat w ...

pressing the f1 or del keys on startup does nothing....goes straight to "missing OS";I've tried to make/use the w98 boot disk,a dos boot disk,a fxdisk boot...nope.
Started with a w98 in a toshiba 1555cds,well it wouldn't load in safe,so from the DOS window I tried the fxdisk...big oops.!

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