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ATX Power Supply

By nntini ·
Is there an option which you can enable to make a computer using an ATX Power Supply resort to last state it was in before power a failure.The idea is that in my area we have frequent power outages , so sometimes no one will be in the office when the power is restored, I would be glad to have the CPU automatically switch ON.I am using an Intel (R) Celeron CPU 1.70GHz.
Would Appreciate any help.

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by jasonbis In reply to ATX Power Supply

I think the BIOS holds your answer. All of them are different but on one of the screens in the BIOS is an option to tell the machine to power back on after a power outage.

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by parthiv_13 In reply to ATX Power Supply

It depends on your MotherBoard's BIOS. Generally all sort of BIOS are having one option known as Power Supply or Power Status or may be different as per the bios. Now go to your BIOS and look in to its option. And when you find Power option select the thing as Start the System in previous stat or something like that. Generally there will be only 3-4 options for you to select one of them.

Good Luck.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to ATX Power Supply

While the BIOS does hold the key to your problem if you are suffering frequent power outages when the power is restored you get a massive spike through and can damage the system if it is plugged in I would recommend some form of mains filtering to help minimize the damage as well.


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by TheChas In reply to ATX Power Supply

As stated, the option is not in the power supply, but the power management section of BIOS setup.

I fully agree with Hal on this that you want to go beyond just having the PC restart.

First off, you will often get a prompt for how to start up. Sometimes, Windows will default to safe mode. You will still have to go in and restart the system to get it back on-line.

I STRONGLY recommend that you install a properly sized UPS.
The size will depend on the length of the longest power outage you wish to endure.

You can plug just the PC and not the monitor in to increase the length of time that the PC will run.

Some UPS systems also allow for shutting down and booting up a system should the outage exceed the UPS run time.


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by ozi Eagle In reply to ATX Power Supply

As Chas has said, the only good answer to your problem is a UPS.
Here in Oz I use a PrOffice, by Upsonic, which costs about $80. It communicates with the computer to tell it to shutdown when power fails for more than a selected time.
Do a search to find a suitable one in your area.

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