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Audible click and then the video freezes

By george_h22 ·
I have a pc with a Diamond Viper 550 video card, the latest driver for the Viper 550, the latest Windows Media Player, the latest DirectX and the video still freezes when I try to view videos or when I try to run the Diamond Update Wizard. There isan audible click from the PC when the video freezes. Where should I look next? This PC played videos before tech services at a private school reformatted the hard drive and reloaded Windows 98.

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Audible click and then the video freezes

by TheChas In reply to Audible click and then th ...

The most important driver not on your list is the AGP mini-port driver for the motherboard.

If you need help identifying what motherboard you have, and waht driver you require, check out the tools at
They have links to most of the motherboard, and all of the chipset manufactures.

You may need to re-install DirectX, and your video driver (in that order) after installing the AGP driver.

You may want / need to try the sound card in a different slot.

If you run dxdiag from the run box, you can get some clues as to what is wrong with your system.


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Audible click and then the video freezes

by george_h22 In reply to Audible click and then th ...

I found the ASUS web site and looked for an AGP miniport driver and didn't see one. I did locate the original ASUS board's disk and installed the AGP miniport driver from that disk. There was no change in symptoms. Then I reloaded DirectX 8.1, thelatest Diamond Viper V550 driver and the latest Media Player. The symptoms are still the same. I ran DXDIAG and all tests ran normally. Still when I try to view a video clip, there is an audible click like a relay closing and the program freezes. There is an hour glass beside the arrow cursor and the cursor can be moved but nothing is happening inside the box that started to open when the video was selected. CRTL-ALT-DEL can be used in some cases (CNN video clips) to close the hung program. In other cases (music video clips), CRL-ALT-DEL does not work.

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Audible click and then the video freezes

by bubba In reply to Audible click and then th ...

ive seen this happen with certain sound cards( yamaha i think) theres usually a setting you can turn off in the sound cars control in control panel. direct sound but im not positive

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