Audigy 2 ZS Popping

By DrNick72 ·
I know this discussion has been around before but I have different specifics and hope one of you Intelligent peoples can assist me.
I have an Audigy 2 ZS, My pc wwas down for a little over a year when I finally decided to revive it. It sounds like there is a campfire burning in my speakers. I tried different sound configurations and nothing ever stopped it. It sometimes would be very quit. Other times it can drive you absolutely mad. I thought it may be the speakers because I was previously using a set of Klipsh THX 2.1 speakers, they are currently in need of repair so I used the Altec Lansing speakers my wife had. Later on, I revived our P III for her to use and since it didn't have a sound card I gave her the Audigy because I have onboard sound with this motherboard. It does the same thing on hers so I don't think it is the pc. The card seems to be viable as far as it's power and sound capabilities, less the popping. I am shunning the idea that just because it sat unbothered for a year that it has gone bad. My pc is custom built, so the answers to the gentleman with the Dell doesn't seem to apply to my circumstance. I am open to any ideas and look foward to hearing them. Thanks ahead of time to those who take the time to help.

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Sound cards can die for no reason....

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Audigy 2 ZS Popping

It will cost you your time trying to sort it out when it would be best to get a new sound card with good speakers. Sound cards are pretty cheap now-a-days.
If you want to try and do a fix, then download the up to date drivers from the makers website.
Creative website here:

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Thank You For The Fast Reply....

by DrNick72 In reply to Sound cards can die for n ...

That is defiantely in the works, we're a bit poor right now so I was hoping that there might be a different reason. Im sure that u a most likely correct, Ive only had one sound card actually die on me in the past and it just went completely out. I guess thats what I was expecting if it's outright dead. I am open to any suggestions as it will be some time b4 I can get a new one. Right now Im trying to get ahead enought to get a new SATA drive. Everything Im using right now is about 5 years old except for my VidCard. Wow Im long winded, sorry.
Thanks again

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If you need a sound card i have a spare..

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Thank You For The Fast Re ...

It is from Creative also, but it still works nicely. If you want it please PM me, as i will need your address to sent it to. It is a PCI format sound card, if that is ok.

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OK - this is a long shot but worth mentioning anyway ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Audigy 2 ZS Popping

Given that your "pc wwas down for a little over a year when I finally decided to revive it." - It is reasonable to assume that any cabling was removed during this period of inactivity, while it was packed away lying dormant.

Three possible causes:

#1 Have you considered that there may be a high build-up of dust WITHIN the audio sockets? This could be the culprit causing mini fluctuations in the current between the jack plug and the sheathing in the socket.

#2 If the cabling was disconnected for a period of a year, are you CERTAIN that you have connected the audio cables to the Speaker sockets? You would hear the most horrendous popping and crackling (but still get workable distorted audio) if you connected the cabling to the Microphone sockets by mistake.

#3 Given that you only have the one set of speakers, at some point these may have been over-driven and the popping is coming from the damaged preamp within the powered speaker amplifier stage.

Edit for typo.

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I feel almost not smart enough to be talking with you pro's

by DrNick72 In reply to OK - this is a long shot ...

Thank you for the reply. I have not given that card a proper canned air treatment. I do have a second pair of speakers. My wife is using the card with a different pair. She gets the same problem if she turns it up to watch a vid or listen to music. When I had it in mine, the quality of my sound was just as clean as b4 it was down for a year. I think that's what made it most annoying. It would sound great and then, randomly it would make sounds that would make me cringe. I was playing X2 and the quiet peaceful sounds of the gentle music and would randomly and suddenly be interupted with hideous noises. To clarify, it did the same things on desktop and music listening, I just happened to be addicted to that game at the time. On hers we dont notice that much because she's not as much of a music listener, Mostly because those speakers just never sounded that good. Im going to give the canned air a shot. It's been easy to ignore because it's in her pc. I want to get back to working on my music and this onboard sound just doesn't hold a candle to that Audigy. Music Creation is the reason I purchased it. Thank You Again. Everyone here seems so willing to help and it is appreciated.

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That is why we are here....

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to I feel almost not smart e ...

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