Audio Cassettes to CD quickly

By nortelguy ·
I've read on here about people using the line in on the sound card to create digital files (wav or mp3) for converting cassettes to CDs. I don't have the time to do this "real time". I've seen some info on the Plusdeck, but it doesn't tell if it is "real time" as well or if it is something you can use unattended. Anyone have any info on Plusdeck OR some other alternative?

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Many things possible

by mjd420nova In reply to Audio Cassettes to CD qui ...

The biggest determining factor here is the playback device. The cassette deck is a one speed device, unless you have access to some older technology decks that were capable of multiple speeds. AKAI made a deck in the later '60s, early '70s that could do three speeds. However, playing back cassette tapes at faster speeds will greatly reduce the fidelity of the original sound unless you're prepared to add some compensation before sending to an audio device. There really is no fast or quick way to transpose cassettes, they should be played at real time speeds or the content will suffer severely.

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Can the Plusdeck be used unattended?

by nortelguy In reply to Many things possible

In the past I've used a HIFI tape unit to the line-in on the PC then written the files as CDAs to a CD. This is a time intensive process because of having to stop and start after each track. WDo you know if the Plusdeck will work unattended for each side of a cassette and place the track marks where appropriate?

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Per the manual

by TheChas In reply to Audio Cassettes to CD qui ...

Download and read the user manual.


It should answer all of your questions.

The included software has 3 tape to wave file recording modes.

Entire tape to 1 file.
1 file for each side of a tape.
Separate files for each track on a tape.
Note: This mode can be fooled by long pauses in a track.

So yes, it looks like you can load a tape, start the recording process and come back after the tape has finished playing.

You will need another software package if you want to convert the wave file to the MP3 format.


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