Audio codec AC97 updated, sound still not loud enough

By Yellowbird7 ·
I used to have a VERY LOUD response to my Altec Lansing speakers. But since that last few months, one or another update from a media device has caused my output to sound muffled. I suspect Adobe strongly and I can't get anyone to answer up regarding this.

I look for about an hour a day for an answer and it's getting damn old. Does anyone else have this problem, or more wished for: solution?

There is nothing wrong with my pc or my speakers.

I have a Media Center PC, dual core Athlon with 4 gb ram, altec lansing quad with boom center floor.... for the computer.

All of this used to blast me out of the comptuer room. Now it just plays muffled. There is nothing wrong with the speakers, I repeat. It's in the codec.

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You DO know, don't you.......

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Audio codec AC97 updated, ...

... that it's possible to **** the sound card portion of the computer, either onboard or add-on card, by pushing too much through it?

It's also possible to **** the speakers by pushing too much through them.

You say there's nothing wrong with the PC. What checks have you run on the hardware? What equipment did you use to test that hardware with?

You say there's nothing wrong with the speakers. What checks have you run on that equipment? Have you plugged it into another system to test it?

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OK then since you are convinced this is a Windows Issue

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Audio codec AC97 updated, ...

How about using a Live Linux to test the hardware and make sure that it is actually working?

You can get one as a Cover Disc at your Local Newsagent on a Linux Mag or you can download one from here

I generally use Knoppix but recently I have tried a Live Ubuntu 64 Bit to test Hardware with. These Things run off the CD and have no effect on the installed OS> If the Sound is right with a Live Linux you can go back and start looking at the Software Installed but if it was really that loud I would expect that the Output Transistor in the Sound Card is blown from being overdriven.


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Have you thought of ditching AC97 onboard sound?

by Slayer_ In reply to Audio codec AC97 updated, ...

I mean, it's probably the worst onboard sound system ever. Just go spend 20 bucks and drop in a nice sound blaster. You should be able to get a Soundblaster Live for 20 bucks, and that supports 7.1 surround sound.

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Have you checked this system with headphones alone?...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Audio codec AC97 updated, ...

I don't mean plugging into the Altec headphone output. I mean plugging them directly onto your PC primary audio output.

If the headphones **** your mind, then you yourself have blown your speakers.

*As an afterthought, if the output from the headphones still don't impress you - YOU MAY BE GOING DEAF!

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