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Audio connecion

By peetree ·
To willcomp,

I appologize, yes I am trying to connect the front audio connections to the header on the Motherboard. The case manufacturer has supplied the 2 cables for this. I have the following:

Audio header:

MIC2 | MICPWR | Line out_R | nc | Line out_L

Audio cable 1 | Audio cable 2
GND (black) | GND (black)
L-IN (white) | R-IN (white
L-OUT (red) | R-OUT (red)
MIC-IN (green) | MIC-IN (orange)

I was told this's a special situation that requires a special cable. It's an AXIO 732SL case with a ASUS A7V8X-X motherboard. I contacted ASUS regarding this. They responded by telling me to contact AXIO. Thet have no way of being contacted - that I can see.

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by TheChas In reply to Audio connecion

Some of these are straight forward, others require a little investigation.

AGND - both GND (black) lines need to connect to this pin.

Line out_R - connects to R-OUT (red)
Line out_L - connects to L-OUT (red)

Next, you need to check the manual for the on-board sound and see if the BLINE_OUT can be switched to a line in "IF" you want or need the line in.

For the MIC, you need to check if you have a 2 or 3 wire jack. And, if the Mic you plan to use requires DC power.
The "tip" of the Mic plug (center) should connect to MIC2.
The outermost ring (shield) of the Mic plug must connect to AGND, which may be one of the black GND wires.

If you have a 3 conductor Mic jack, it may be wired for a stereo microphone. In which case, green would be one channel and orange the other.


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by peetree In reply to

No big deal, just non-whimsical questioning of a lunatic mind!

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by willcomp In reply to Audio connecion

Chas, really good answer. Much better than I could have done.

One thing to add. When you connect front panel jacks, rear panel jacks will be disabled. Most motherboard manuals don't bother to tell you this "minor" piece of information.

Don't understand why a case would have cables with non-standard connectors unless made for a specific motherboard. Asus connectors are similar to those on other motherboards that I've used.


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by peetree In reply to Audio connecion

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