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    audio device


    by ve_r0nika ·

    i have a problem my PC lost it’s sound…and i look in the control panel at the audio device and there is sad that there is no device…i did a system restore but no result, but a bigger problem is that i have no CD-rom so i can not insert the motherboard CD….can somebody help me?

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      by ve_r0nika ·

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      Do you know the make of your computer?…. :)

      by Anonymous ·

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      It will help us to help you.
      we need to know the model or make of your computer (or both). Post back with the info so that we can help you further.

      Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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      Well for starters you can download drivers

      by oh smeg ·

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      From either the system maker of from the M’Board maker for your OS if it’s Windows. If you are not using some form of Windows this isn’t an issue as the system installs the necessary drivers from the full list of available drivers when you start the system up. In a case like this when something stops working it shows a hardware failure.

      If you are running Windows however this doesn’t have this option and any corrupt Drivers or the HAL. DLL will cause things to stop working. Depending what has happened then you can either reinstall the driver after downloading the newest version or you may need to rebuild the entire computer by doing a new clean install of the OS and all Associated Drivers and Software.


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