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By raj2raj5 ·
i have toshiba satellite pro 120 model no PTA83L-08L02N laptop .some days back i formated it and i got problem with its audio many drivers i downloaded but nothing is working p;ease help me out

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Is your laptop a Vista or XP?

More info would be nice.
But you will get more from Toshiba's website.
Also you can download the drivers from there.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.
If this info is useful, please give a thumbs up. Thanks

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What you need to know about Sound Drivers is that they need to be installed

by OH Smeg In reply to audio driver

Before you log onto the Windows Update Web Site. If you do not the very first download that you do even before you get tot he page asking you to use the Express or Custom Search for Updates installs WGA or Windows Genuine Advantage which prevents any unsigned Drivers from being installed. So unless you have a Creative Sound Chip Set here you will never get the sound to work till you reinstall the OS again.

What you should do is include the Sound & Video Drivers on a Slipstreamed Install Disc if you are not using the Toshiba Recovery Disc so that there are no problems involved like not being able to install the sound drivers. You can use either this Tech Republic Article to make a Slipstreamed Install Disc

download the same thing here as a PDF File to be read in Adobe Acrobat

Or use a product like nLite to make a Slipstreamed Install Disc. You may need to include SATA Drivers as well.

If you use nLite make sure to read the Instructions posted on their Web Site here

Unfortantly the above links only apply if you are using XP if you are using Windows Vista you need to obtain the Recovery Disc from Toshiba.


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sound driver

by raj2raj5 In reply to What you need to know abo ...

hi there

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Well you need to install the Sound Driver for your OS

by OH Smeg In reply to sound driver

If it is a form of Vista 32 Bit you need a Vistas 32 Bit Driver and if it is a 64 Bit version of Vista you need a 64 Bit Vista Driver. If it is XP you need to use either the 32 or 64 Bit Driver for XP depending on what version of XP you have. Assuming that you are using the normal XP you will need a 32 Bit Driver but that's a very unwise guess as I have no idea of which OS you have loaded.

Anyway regardless of the OS you are using if you have enabled the Auto Update Function when you reinstalled the OS then simply by allowing it to log onto Windows Update Server you have prevented the ability to install any Unsigned Drivers and in the case of Sound Drivers these are the Realtech AC 97 Type Drivers that can be called several different names by the different makers like Simtel CM 4414 or something like that.

You really only have 2 types of Sound drivers possible either Sound Blaster or Realtech and the Realtech ones need installing after you install the OS from anything but a System Recovery Disc. So if you have used something like a Toshiba XP Recovery Disc you need to install the Sound Driver before allowing the computer to access Windows Update Service.

I don't know if this is the same with your Toshiba but a Dell that I currently have here requires you to install the Sound Driver after Installing Vista as it is not possible to install it with the OS well Vista at least though it can be slipstreamed to a XP Install Disc without problems.

Basically you need to reload the system and this time before starting Windows for the first time select Not Now when you are prompted to allow Live Updates. Ideally with any form of Windows you should do this on the reload till you have all the required drivers installed then you can allow the system to access the Windows Update Server and it will not prevent you from installing drivers.

It is also possible that the Sound Card or M'Board has developed a fault and this is stopping the sound from being produced though with most Sound Drivers you need to install them as soon as you have finished installing Windows.

If you look on the Toshiba Web Site for Drivers you will see that there are 4 different Satellite Pro A210 they are the following full designation

Satellite Pro A210 EZ2201
Satellite Pro A210 EX2022X
Satellite Pro A210 EZ2202X
Satellite Pro A210 EZ2203X

Listed here

What you need to do is select the correct model and then chose the Sound Driver for your Operating System so that will be either XP 32 or 64 Bit or Vista 32 or 64 Bit. If there is no designation after the OS's Name it is a 32 Bit Version. AS these are all Realtech Drivers you need to prevent the computer contacting the Windows Update Server before you install the Realtech AC97 Sound Driver.


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sound driver

by raj2raj5 In reply to Well you need to install ...

hi there thanx for ur reply im using os xp 32 bit .i lost recovery cd. so please let me know that TOSHIBA SATELLITE PRO A 120 is compatible to PRO 210 as u described in ur answer.
thanx raj

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Go here for your drivers for your laptop... :)

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.
If this info is useful, please give a thumbs up. Thanks

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OK give this a try

by OH Smeg In reply to sound driver

All the A210 Toshiba have the same sound driver Version 5 of the Realtech AC97. Toshiba has the correct sound driver for your system here for download.


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