Audio Freezing

By twis7 ·
Hey i was wondering if anyone could help me with my problem.

PC specs - Windows XP sp2, Amd athalon 2400XP 2ghz, 1gig ram, Radeon 9950 gfx card, M-AUDIO Delta 2469 soundcard. All drivers are up to date there are no problems found in a irc test.


Basically when ever i play music for too long or watch any videos on the internet or even on the desktop the sound will just freeze and make a loud merrrrrrrrrrrr noise. After this i will have to restart my computer to get any video or sound back at all. I have changed my ram, installed a new powersupply and the soundcard i have is reccomended by a lot of music producers and none of the tech support at the company have heard of a problem such as mine. Im just wondering if my motherboard could be conflicting with the audio?

Please try and help i would appreciate it!



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by symon.l In reply to Audio Freezing

there could be a conflict if your mainboard has a soundcard on board, this can usually be disabled via the bios.

Hope this helps, if not post back

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Have you checked your Event Viewer yet? ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Audio Freezing

It might give you a clue as to what made it hang.

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Overheating or Motherboard

by TheChas In reply to Audio Freezing

My first thought is that your system might be overheating. If you are playing MP3 files with any visualizations running, while not very taxing work, the CPU is still busy running things.

Make sure that your CPU fan is not clogged with dust and has a free flow of air to it.

Second, I have replaced several Athlon class motherboards over the past few months for assorted reasons. Your board might have reached it's end of useful service.

Third, there can be conflicts with some cards and the resources assigned to specific PCI slots. Try moving the sound card to a different slot and see if that cleans things up. Make sure to enter BIOS setup and force an ESCD update.


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