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Audio frequency being buttons on a controller

By GuitarModder ·
Im building a guitar that has a body of an NES. This isn’t exactly common, but it’s been done before by modders. The thing is, I want to make a guitar with an NES body that WORKS and you can plug it into a TV, and it’d be using a rasberry pi for the computing, none of the original electronics would be involved in this build. I can do all that, but something I don’t know how to do is make a sensor that senses the frequency of the strings, and depending on the note you play it converts it into a signal that the rasberry pi interprets as a controller button, allowing you to “play” the game by jamming on guitar. Any idea for either the hardware, software, or both? This is gonna be a fun project even if I can’t do it, though I’m sure I can since I’ve seen a video on YouTube of a guy controlling a drone through whistling.

A list of parts would also help SO MUCH since I’m new to this
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