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By seanlohbeck ·
Does anyone know how I would insert my own image into the RealOne Player or Windows Media Player while they play my audio from my site?

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SMIL 2.0 and RealOne Player

by jmn In reply to audio media

I recommend that you use SMIL 2.0 and the RealOne Player plugin.

SMIL not only allows you to add images, animations, Flash components and streaming video to be presented in parallel, it also makes it possible for precise synchronisation of allof these elements. It is a W3C standard and is therefore browser- and platform-neutral.

Unlike some of the MS product lines and their failed HTML+TIME kludge, the RealOne Player is browser-neutral and is available for Wintel, Apple and Unix platforms.

Check out the RealOne SMIL forum at :


There are also useful SMIL Code Samples on the Real.com site :


There are also downloadable technical reference manuals (in PDF format) on this site which provide all the details you will need.

If you don't want to go the SMIL route then there is always Flash MX which lets you embed .mp3 and other audio file formats. This method is only suitable for smaller audio files since the streaming isn't as efficient as that provided by the RealOne player.

J.M. Nicholls

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