Audio player USB device problem

By cmtoh ·

I have an MP3 player which can read MP3, WMA and WAV files. It play music when I switch on and I can connect it to compiter to load music files using the USB cable. My computer recognise it as a removable disk and as an audio player USB device.

I notice my computer all of a sudden cannot recognise it as an audio player USB device anymore, it only recognise it just as a removable disk/hard disk only. It seems to have lost the audio capability and cannot play music anymore.

Is there a converter required to fix this type of problem. I cannot understand how the audio player is lost and really appreciate if anyone can share their knowledge. Thanks very much.

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Are you saying ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Audio player USB device p ...

That it doesn't play music anymore in standalone mode, or only when it's connected to a computer?

Usually, to be recognised as an audio player, the unit would have in .INF file in the root of its storage area. Perhaps this file has been deleted in error.

If that is the case, you would be best to visit whichever manufacturer's site is available, to see if you can download the 'INF file again.

The unit may also have been removed from the computer without using the 'Safe Removal' method, which could have corrupted the partition on the unit.

Without knowing the make/model there isn't any more advice to give.

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The audio player itself stops playing

by cmtoh In reply to Are you saying ...

It is the audio player itself stops playing as well. The PC cannot recognise it as audio player, but the audio player itself also stops playing.

The MP3 player is not branded (from China). I have an extra one of this MP3 player and I checked the properties of the drive (F:)when I plug into USB port, there is no .INF file in the one that is working. I also don't have the installation disk, is it downloadbale from internet?

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Do you have a link to this MP3 player ? ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to The audio player itself s ...

It would be helpful to be able to 'see' what we are discussing.

Frequently the Chinese copies are mimicked on other hardware, and by and large have many more similarities. It would be helpful if we could see it.

If you have another one that still works, I suggest you plug BOTH in and compare the directories / file listings. Clearly the inoperative one will have something missing that might be transferable from the one that still works!

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I can't'see any special files

by cmtoh In reply to Do you have a link to thi ...

When I plug the good MP3 player into my computer. I can't see any special files on the disk by using file explorer, the only files are the music files. I have turned on file options to display hidden files as well and there is no speical files to tell the difference. Clicking on properties shows that it is a removable disk and when I safe remove it, it shows as a audio player USB device. Anyway, I will try again and compare more details. Thanks.

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You ought to try using a Twin Pane explorer ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to I can't'see any special f ...

That way you can view both directories simultaneously.

Download, install and run "2xExplorer"- you can open one USB device in the left-hand column and the other in the right-hand column at the same time. Comparisons are far easier if you can view both listings concurrently.

For info about 2xExplorer:

<2nd Link>

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This might not do anything but

by OH Smeg In reply to I can't'see any special f ...

As well as looking at the contents of the Devices in Explorer also look at the Proprieties of the Device.

You may find that the storage size is different or the Partition Type isn't the same.

That is the only think I can think of that OM hasn't mentioned.


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No special files on good Mp3

by cmtoh In reply to This might not do anythin ...

Hi, thanks. How do you see partition? It only has a root directory and music files. I am waiting on my supplier to give me the installation CD to try re-formating as I can't see special files on the good one. The bad one seems to have nothing.

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Driver details from the good disk

by cmtoh In reply to This might not do anythin ...


I do a right hand click on the removable disk (good player) to see th eproperties, then use the hardware tab to see the disk drives. On the audio player USB device, I click on it and click on properties to see the device properties and see this details:

I can't check the bad mp3 player now as it is with someone now. But the above driver detailson the good one, can that be used in anyway or shoud I wait for the installation disk?


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You could always try Cloning one MP3 Player to the Other

by OH Smeg In reply to This might not do anythin ...

Thus overwriting all of the Files on the Faulty MP3 Player.

You can try something like the Trial Version of Acronis True Image Echo Workstation if you don't already have a Cloning Utility it is available to download here

Though as I'm assuming that the working unit shows up correctly when plugged into Windows you may just have to accept that the old unit has failed.


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Can'get installation CD

by cmtoh In reply to You could always try Clon ...

Hi, My supplier can't give me CD as he said there is no CD for re-formating. He said that I just need to use PC to reformat it so I don't understand. This is the problem of China supplier.

The PC can still recognise the removable disk but as a USB 2.0 Boot Loader device instead, the used space and free space becomes zero bytes like never been formated and it ask for a CD to be inserted for formating when it is plaug into the PC.
The file system shown on this bad MP3's disk properties is Unknown whereas the good MP3 shows the disk properties as FAT32 file system an has near to 2GB free space.

Oh, which product from Acronis should I try as there are so many there?

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