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    audio problem in tv tuner


    by devan_and ·

    i’m not able to hear any sound from my tv tuner any more. probably the pci card met with some problem. while the video is excellent. is there any option to change its “line in” port to “line out” port. i have purchased a new tv tuner but for the sake of my knowledge, i want to know this.
    my tv tuner is “play tv pro2” from ‘pixelview’ which is based on BT 878 chip.
    my os is windows xp prof. and ‘linux’.
    please relpy if any one has any idea.

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      by devan_and ·

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      Is this tv tuner dual band, by any chance?….

      by older mycroft ·

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      Does it offer signal capture in BOTH analogue & digital.

      The reason I ask is that if it does, the sound controls become that much more complicated since the digital capture can use the default sound capture device but the analogue cannot – it must use its own sound driver.

      Access whichever program came with the card and go to the ‘Scan’ setup page. There you will see which sound driver is being used.

      My tuner card is Russian and initially caused me no end of head-scratching. Almost every 3rd-party ‘media centre’ software cut off my sound, but opting for the clunky original Russian program always allowed the sound to return.

      However it DID involve reinstalling the original program.

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        tuner is dual band

        by devan_and ·

        In reply to Is this tv tuner dual band, by any chance?….

        my tuner is dual band. i’ve tried it on another pc but could not successfully get the sound. probably there is some hardware problem.

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          More likely to be missing driver software …

          by older mycroft ·

          In reply to tuner is dual band

          Have you got the original driver software that accompanies the tuner card?

          If there was a hardware problem you wouldn’t be getting anything at all, including picture.

          Check in Device Manager, under sound drivers. You should have another extra driver for the capture of analogue audio. That is why you must find the driver disc for the tuner card.

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