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Audio problem in windows server 2008

By ak_gates2010 ·
I have installed windows server 2008 on virtual PC 2007.

I have audio driver which works fine in Vista but it does not work in Server.
The driver installation runs fine (setup.exe), no errors reported
whatsoever, after installing setup ask to restart Windows.
After rebooting there is not audio driver installed.
Audio services also have been enabled.
it can detect the sound card but after driver installation also it shows no driver installed.
I have already added the roles such as Desktop Experience and Quality Windows Audio Video Experience, But no help.
Please help ASAP.
MD Aslam

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by p.j.hutchison In reply to Audio problem in windows ...

What is the name of the sound card/chipset?

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by ak_gates2010 In reply to Driver?

Its in intel 945 chipset.
I have tried installing the drivers from the DriversCD which came with board. its gets installed but it is not working,
in installed programme list its shows that the drivers is installed but when i open volume control its says no play back audio driver............

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A Virtual Machine

by Dumphrey In reply to Drivers

has a set list of hardware. You also may need to go in to the machine set up and manually add a sound device, servers usually do not have one installed by default. The drivers from the CD that came with your motherboard will be useless.
I have not used virtual PC in a long time, but VMWare has some "tools" that install from a menu too improve sound/video/mouse use. Virtual PC may have something similar.

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Not of use

by ak_gates2010 In reply to A Virtual Machine

Well i have tried installing drivers for audio manually as well from the list of drivers in device manager, but is does not support any divers.......
And ya there are updates to install in VP as well like in vmware to improve video ETC but it does not have any think like that for audio as well.....
Actually the problem is not like i don't have correct drivers for the chipset...
The problem is that it is not working with server 2008, however there are no issues installing drivers.....
The PC is not actually of a single brand...
It is assembled one with dual core processor 2.0 GHZ, 2 GB RAM.. and all that...

i don't think if this can be the issue...
I have read many forum posts regarding this and a lot of people have the same problem...
i also have the same scenario....
Even on Microsoft's website... i have tried using some virtual PCs they also have red crossed sign on volume icon on the task bar like i have...
Is that a problem with the product?????

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Virtual PC and 2008

by p.j.hutchison In reply to Not of use

You can enable sound on Virtual PC 2005 or later by installing the VPC Additions, then update drivers in Device Manager and point it to the VM Additions folder. Enable the Audio service and voila sound!

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@Virtual PC and 2008

by ak_gates2010 In reply to Virtual PC and 2008

Lemme check this as well....... will post the comments once done

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didn't work

by ak_gates2010 In reply to Virtual PC and 2008

I tried the same but it is of no use.....
audio service is already enabled, however i cant find viola sound to enable.....
Any other alternat6ive or any help/comment......

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System info

by p.j.hutchison In reply to Audio problem in windows ...

What make/model of system is it?
The audio drivers can be different from the chipset so it can be Intel, Realtek or even Creative sound card.

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