Audio problems

By jameshyland91 ·
A few days ago my sound card stopped working out of now where. its integrated into my motherboard (asus A8V) and im using windows xp x64. any suggestions would be welcome.


James hyland

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BIOS or Device Manager

by Toivo Talikka In reply to Audio problems

When you go to the Control Panel - Sounds and Audio Devices, are the default devices greyed out? If not, you should be able to select them from the drop-down list.

If that does not work, check the device settings in BIOS and make sure that the audio option AC97 is enabled.

Have you checked the Device Manager in Control Panel - System - Hardware? If there is a yellow question mark in the beginning of the line for the audio device, you can try the following:

Delete the audio device from the Device Manager and restart the PC. If the audio facility is working, Windows should detect it and you will see a prompt that new hardware has been found. Let Windows install the driver automatically and it should work.

If that does not work but the audio device is enabled in BIOS, you will need to re-install the motherboard drivers from the CD which came with your motherboard. If you do not have the CD, you can download the Realtek AC97 64-bit audio driver from the manufacturer's website:

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no luck

by jameshyland91 In reply to BIOS or Device Manager

Thanks for the quick reply but none of your suggestions worked unfortunatly. is there anything else you can think of that might help me?. Thanks again

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Check the speakers for electrical faults

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to no luck

I recently ran into a set that was putting mains voltage in through the Sound out Jacks and this destroyed the Sound Card well the one built onto the M'Board anyway.

You can also unplug one of the speaker lines from the computer and see if this comes up on the screen that you have disconnected that Speaker line like Front, Middle or rear. If nothing happens then most likely the sound card has died. If the unit is still UG you can return it and get it repaired/replaced. If this has happened then do the following but be Very Careful!

Be very careful when testing these as there is the possibility that you can get nearly Mains Voltage but as DC sent through the Low Power Plug and this can kill you very quickly so don't use anything that involves touching bare metal.

If the speakers are OK you'll need to fit another Sound Card to the Computer you can pick up one cheaply enough and then enter BIOS Disable the on-board Sound and plug in the PCI Sound Card and work off that. When you first boot the computer with the new sound card you'll be prompted to install the new drivers for the New Device that has been found and this is where you'll need the Driver CD that comes with the Sound Card to install the drivers. Depending on the make you may also need to install additional software to get the most out of the new Sound Card.


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I too am having this problem

by romeo_alexander_cadena In reply to BIOS or Device Manager

I am also having problems with my audio devices i just wiped my hard drive and reinstalled windows xp before i wiped it my audio was working fine so I'm sure its not broken i did everything the other guy said and the problem im having is that it says it needs the software for the audio device or a CD i do not have a CD so im kinda lost also im not much of a computer person so it's kinda frustrating when things aren't working please post another reply with instructions, thank you.

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