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    audio quality and volume in android vs apple


    by guybrm ·

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    i have an ipod nano and when i play music using my headphones (Sennheiser Momentum 2 wired) the volume is way higher than my oneplus 6t (same audio file) (also the volume is higher in my brothers iphone x but still not as good as my ipod) , why is that? and can i make my oneplus like or close to my ipod?

    thanks for the helpers

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      by flawey ·

      In reply to audio quality and volume in android vs apple

      No way.
      Apple has incredible audio features.
      If you can see stories on Instagram of android users from some gigs, you will find that sound is disgusting.
      You better know that Apple phones are great with its volume functions.

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        apple much more better

        by smanahk ·

        In reply to apple

        agree with you.
        unfortunately android phones don’t provide good volume quality.

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