audio trouble, help

By ARandomPenguin ·
right so ive been working on a computer through remote management and cant seem to find a solution (only been a few hours so i havent tried everything).
here it is, Im working on an asus pro7bs and when the headphones are plugged in realtek takes over and it plays well but as soon as the headphones are unplugged there is no sound through the speakers.
I have checked and the volume is around 60% and it definitely isnt muted. the audio service is running and under hardware and sounds its got the right device selected and it shows the volume bar as active (the bar is lit up with green in a wave notion, how do you even describe that lol)
anyway, ive tried looking though realtek thinking that it might have taken over the sound management and isnt letting the laptop speakers through but i didnt have enough time to finish off that approach.

so bottom line, as far as i can tell everything is set correctly but there isnt any sound through the laptop internal speakers. its only a few weeks old and was working fine until a day or so ago (my first guess was that the client has hit the function key (fn) along with another button to disable the sound but then it would tell me that it was disabled)

any ideas on what i might be missing? (havent checked the driver but its very unlikely that he went and deleted or disabled the driver...will check though)

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Since the sound card and driver feed both the headphones and the speakers

by robo_dev In reply to audio trouble, help

then the problem is the headphone jack. It's a 'switching jack' that disconnects the speakers when you plug in the headphones, and if the metal contact inside the jack is bent or twisted, it won't switch back.

Make 100% sure there is not some additional hardware volume control; I admit I once spent hours trying to make the sound work on a HP laptop only to later discover the volume control adjustment knob cleverly hidden on the front of the machine :)

Most machines have hardware diags that do a test of speakers and sound card, you should run those.

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Reponse To Answer

by ARandomPenguin In reply to Since the sound card and ...

the only other manager ive found was the realtek audio manager and although ive had issue with it before it seems to be configured properly...and if it was a simple dial problem then i doubt that it would show the volume at 60%.
i'll try a hard ware diag but the client reports that when booting the computer the windows logon audio plays through the speakers and after that it doesnt play... he's using wmp11 to try and play some music and it isnt on mute or anything...
he also reports that he was merely trying an email when the problem happened and thinks he might have hit a hotkey, again im on the fence since if it was a hot key then the settings should be out of place but i cant find a problem...

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Wait....if it plays sound when Windows starts

by robo_dev In reply to audio trouble, help

Then it's an application/user issue. He is not by any chance running some app like the Spotify music service or iTunes? Both of those can confuse/break Windows audio.

Maybe try doing a system restore back to when it was working?

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Reponse To Answer

by ARandomPenguin In reply to Wait....if it plays sound ...

no, he jsut got it and hasnt installed anything potential or used it much.
the only other manager i find is the realtek audio manager.
yes i suppose a system restore will have to do even though this is remote assistance and i cant over see a system restore. my client isnt very well versed in the mysterious arts of the 'computer men'.
thanks guys

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Switch In Jack

by TheChas In reply to audio trouble, help

Back in the old days of Hi-Fi and early computers, there were switches on the headphone jacks that physically disconnected the speakers.

I have not traced through a modern laptop to know if they use a software switch to disable the speakers or if they still use the hardware switches on the headphone jack.

Problem is that there is no way to check this remotely.

Still, based on the symptoms, the first place I would look would be at the actual switching circuitry that disables the speakers when headphones are plugged in.

Could be a tiny bit of plastic, a failed contact, or a bad relay circuit.


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