Audio/Video stuttering - Hard drive issue?

By simon.poke ·
I have recently formatted and reinstalled windows on my hard drive to fix a number of problems. The main remaining issue is that all video and audio stutters. It's not always very noticable but always there.

I think it may be caused by faults on my hard drive. The post screen is displayed for 30-40 seconds when loading up and does not let me into the BIOS or startup settings which I think suggests a hard disk problem. I have tried a few hard drive checkers but none of them are able to complete and so I don't get a log telling me the problem and they don't attempt to repair.

Would hard drive problems cause stuttering on all video and sound including streamed media?

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Yep and about a hundred other things...

by cmiller5400 In reply to Audio/Video stuttering - ...

Make sure that you don't have a faulty video card, sound card, memory, overclocking the cpu. those are just a few things to check...

Easiest thing to do to check the HDD is to swap it out. Use cloning software to image the drive from old to new so you don't have to rebuild.

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Testing recommendations?

by simon.poke In reply to Yep and about a hundred o ...

Thanks for the quick reply. The video card is relatively new. I ran MemTest on the memory which found no errors and there is no overclocking on any components. This is what makes me think it's likely to be the hard drive. I just wanted to find out for sure before buying a new one. Unfortunately I don't have a spare SATA drive to test it on or I would try swaping it.

Are there any free hard drive testing programs you can recommend. The windows XP one fails with no report as does SeaTools for windows.

(The hard disk has also started making a loud noise when starting up.)

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That loud noise.....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Testing recommendations?

... Is probably the heads engaging. Sounds like a 'bang' and it's indicative of immanent HDD failure.

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No bang..

by simon.poke In reply to That loud noise.....

It's not a bang noise more of a wirring/accelarating noise like it's spinning agressivley causing the case to vibrate if that makes sense.

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A whirring / accelerating noise is more likely to be ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to No bang..

An optical disc that's been left in the CD/DVD drive.

You can rarely (if ever) hear a hard drive spinning.

On a separate note - a possible cause of your extended Splash Screen duration, is booting with a USB drive (external HDD or thumb/flash) connected.

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But it could be....

by JamesRL In reply to A whirring / accelerating ...

Physical issues with the HD, causing sectors to have to be re-read repeatedly.


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A "loud" noise from a HDD

by cmiller5400 In reply to Testing recommendations?

Is not good. Backup and backup some more. Then get a new drive.

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Yes, it can........

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Audio/Video stuttering - ...

If the HDD heads are hesitating while reading the HDD, yes you can get a stutter effect.

But, you can also get this effect if you didn't install the correct MB drivers and perhaps even the additional sound/video drivers.

You can also get this effect if the sound/video are sharing an IRQ, or even a DMA channel, this time where they had not been doing it in the previous installation.

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by simon.poke In reply to Yes, it can........

Thanks, I will check the drivers. I installed from a ghost image provided by my the manufacturer so it's possible they've given me the wrong image.

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AMD processor?

by robo_dev In reply to Audio/Video stuttering - ...

if so, video stuttering can be due to a bug, and there's a patch for that.

Also, some motherboards do some thermal monitoring of the CPU that messes up video...you need every clock cycle for smooth video.

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