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This is not a major issue, just more of a huge annoyance. I have just recently re-installed Vista Ultimate 32-bit due to some issues with my system. Everything was running perfectly... for the first few days at least. Then I had an audio error, if you can call it that. The audio started to get a bit bubbly and garbled. I played it off for a bit, but it just got too annoying. So I googled this audio bug and found that in many cases it was just due to an outdated driver, so I downloaded the realtek HD audio manager 2.2. Eveything worked perfectly... for another 2 days, then the garble came back. I thought: "OK, the driver must have installed incorrectly," so I reinstalled and was happy at the results, for another two days (roughly). I am using an EVGA 790i Motherboard with it's on-board audio.
SO as you can see, the garbling just wont leave me alone, and I have no clue as to what it may be. I have tried the audio drivers that came with the motherboard, and updated versions of the driver, as well as several different audio devices to eliminate the possibility that it is my speakers themselves. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Realtek drivers MUST be installed before ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Audio

You connect to the Microsoft site, in fact before you go online at all.

Realtek drivers are not authenticated by Microsoft so once you have installed ANY updates (which inevitably will include M$ WGA) any installation of Realtek drivers will not work.

At the time of a new installation of the OS, you MUST install the Realtek drivers before the system is allowed contact with the internet, so that's before any updates.

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