Audio/FPS Stutter after installing Nvidia drivers.

By SixVI ·
Built this rig a week ago. Things were running fine, for the first three days, then I hit an error while backing up an old hdd and had to reinstall windows. I began to notice a very brief sporadic stutter. My audio would distort, my mouse would stall a bit, if I was in a game the frames per second would spike down. Only for a moment, but this usually came in twos and threes.

This would happen if I loaded up an MP3, watched a video on internet or hdd, booted up a program etc.. Especially noticeable audio was playing, as whatever was being output would stutter. In most cases, it would stabilize and go away. In games, after the initial load, it would tend to happen around load screens but the game is otherwise playable but can sometimes spike at inopportune times.

DPCLAT and LatencyMon both showed huge spikes in latency. It said I was likely to experience realtime audio and video dropouts because of drivers. Everything red lined

Updated the BIOS. Problem persisted.

A quick wipe and reinstall wouldn't set me back much, so a format and reinstall of Windows 10. Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor, Thumbdrive and 2.0 speakers plugged in. PnP drivers only, no internet connection.

Tried listening to some music saved to the USB. No stutter.
Tried booting up a video from the USB. No stutter.
Ran LatencyMon and DPCLAT off thumbdrive. Repeat test. No stutter, no redline
Updated a few drivers from the thumbdrive, Repeated earlier tests. No stutter. No red-lining.
Plugged in Archer T2UH and updated drivers. Repeated earlier tests, but also surfed the web, watched a video, and listened to music. No stutter. No redlining.

Installed standalone Nvidia Driver, no geforce experience. Repeated earlier tests. Immediate return of the stutter. Immediate return to redline during each test.

Removed Nvidia Driver with DDU. Repeated earlier tests. No stutter. No redline.
Install Geforce Experience. No stutter, no redline.
Install Nvidia Driver through Geforce Experience. Stutter, Redline.

Remove Nvidia Driver with DDU, keep Geforce Experience. Shows no driver installed. No Stutter, No Redline.

Rinse and repeat with a few versions of the driver. No luck there. Tweaked Power Settings to favor High Performance. No improvement.

Three Biggest offenders in Latency Mon during this time period
dxgkrnl.sys < most frequent offender

I don't know what to do at this point, and i've sunk about 35+ hours into it. System Specs will follow.

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System Specs

by SixVI In reply to Audio/FPS Stutter after i ...

CPU: Intel i5 6600k
RAM: 16b (2x G. Skill Ripjaws DDR4 3200
PSU: Corsair RM75x 750w Gold Modular
Case: Deepcool Genome
CPU Cooler: 360 Captain Liquid Cooling
WiFi: USB TP-Link AC600 (Archer T2UH)
SS 240g Silicon Power
HD 5TB Western Digital Black
OS: Microsoft Windows 10
Soundcard: External Omega3d Recon Wireless (I've troubleshot with it installed and removed entirely working with strictly onboard audio)

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