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    Audit Trail – in Microsoft Access 2003


    by uzymedphys ·


    I followed Susan Harkins code (2001-6240-0) relating to the “simple solution for tracking changes to Access data” – however, it is limited to logging changes to a database as opposed to logging new entries.

    I would appreciate any code that is easy and implement to extend this original code.I found Susan’s code extremely easy to implement!!

    Many thanks


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      by uzymedphys ·

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      “Tracking changes” tends to suggest the pre-existence…

      by older mycroft ·

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      Of data that can be changed.

      How is this ‘limited’?

      As soon as new data is entered, if it does not feature in the tracking, then it has not been changed.

      I may be being silly here, but surely as data is entered it is ‘logged’ by becoming part of the database. Logging new entries will only serve to confuse the issue, doubling the size of the record.

      Perhaps you could then log the logging of the new entry, thereby tripling the data. Then log …

      Logic would then suffer since NEW entries would be logged, but what of existing entries that have never been changed? They would then not fall into any category other than the database, which is all you ever needed in the first place. 😉

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