Auditing file server

By Gr@ndcri ·
I need to audit users access, files and folders on my file server. Can someone suggest me some auditing software for Windows 2003 server.

Thanks for you r Help


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Auditing File Server

by wendy In reply to Auditing file server

Varonis DatAdvantage provides real-time audit information for file servers, with no performance impact.

Wendy Yale, Varonis

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by Harold123 In reply to Auditing file server

We wound up looking at netwrix first because the product is free, but it turned out to be very effective and easy to use as well, so I would definitely recommend it. The automated E-mails report on all the changes made to our file server s, making it easy to catch unintentional (or not) unauthorized activity. We also send the reports directly to our SOX compliance auditors for easy proof of adherence.

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File Server Auditing

by ITsteve13 In reply to Auditing file server

I hope you found a solution to your file server auditing needs. There are several products on the market that can address your concerns, and I recommend taking a look at NetWrix File Server Change Reporter, which has both freeware and commercial editions. The free File Server Change Reporter will send daily reports about all changes to the file servers for your review, including changes made to files, folders, shares, and permissions with previous and new values of certain configuration values. Additionally, the commercial version provides information about who made such changes and when they occurred, including detailed information about permission changes.
I hope this helps and please feel free to visit for additional information on the product. For the sake of completeness and honesty, the competitive products are ScriptLogic File System Auditor, Quest Change Auditor (formerly NetPro Change Auditor), and Tripwire. Check out all of them if you want to make a wise decision.
Stephen Schimmel
Product Manager
NetWrix Corporation

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Good Disclosure, but still

by IC-IT In reply to File Server Auditing
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good point

by mafergus In reply to Good Disclosure, but stil ...

I wonder if I shoulld wait til 2012 to reply fully to this post?

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Reponse To Answer

by trantanthoai In reply to File Server Auditing

Hi All.
I am new comer. I'm from Viet Nam. I read your concern. I have a suggest. You can try!
1. You can use script follow: cscript.vbs at link:
2. After download file XCacls_Installer.exe and install this file. It will extract to file xcacls.vbs.
3. Change the default scripting engine from Wscript to Cscript (The Xcacls.vbs script works best in Cscript). To do this, type the following at a command prompt, and then press ENTER:

Cscript.exe /h:cscript

4. Enter follow command-line:
C>cscript xcacls.vbs "path directory or filename" /S /F /T >"filename.txt"
Note: save xcacls.vbs file at currency root directory.
filename [Required] If used alone, it Displays ACLs.
(Filename can be a filename, directory name or
wildcard characters and can include the entire
path. If path is missing, its assumed to be
under the current directory.
- Put filename in quotes if it has spaces or
special characters such as &, $, #, etc.
- If Filename is a directory, all files and
sub directories under it will NOT be changed
unless the /F or /S is present.

/F [Used with Directory or Wildcard] This will change all
files under the inputed directory but will NOT
traverse sub directories unless /T is also present.
If filename is a directory, and /F is not used, no
files will be touched.

/S [Used with Directory or Wildcard] This will change all
sub folders under the inputed directory but will NOT
traverse sub directories unless /T is also present.
If filename is a directory, and /S is not used, no
sub directories will be touched.

/T [Used only with a Directory] Traverses each
subdirectory and makes the same changes.
This switch will traverse directories only if the
filename is a directory or is using wildcards.

Hope that helps

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