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Auditor? Now, where did I put that hammer....

By maclovin ·
I'll need a claw hammer, a carpet and a sack of quicklime....

No, seriously....

So, we have an auditor in today, that is supposed to be auditing the insurance side of the business, but he doesn't know anything about it.....yay.

Apparently, this guy is actually an IT auditor.....but he's never heard of an XServe. (really?)

Anyway, my main concern is this, he reacted with surprise to some of my answers, and I could see it, and then further clarified that it was not my decision. His son runs an IT business that he cute.

So, what I am asking is this.....given that he may have a certain impression about the way things run around here, (and it's not by my choice, the things that are wrong, that is) would this be the kind of situation where he may use this as a way to try to work out a deal with my current company and try to take my job?

Maybe I'm overly paranoid. Although, the Mac thing may have totally driven people away. Then again, even when presented with FACTS, the big boss isn't exactly too keen on using them to make a proper decision!

How often would/does something like this happen?

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IT Auditing

by JamesRL In reply to Auditor? Now, where did I ...

I got a view into IT auditing when I went to do a Y2K PM job at a major corp.

My boss was the head of IT Audit. So I worked closely with the auditors in many areas.

You can only audit things you have policies and procedures for. If the auditor is finding funny things, he/she isn't allowed (by the profession) to recommend technologies - only that policies be put into place, controls, audit logs, backups etc. They should focus on security and other areas where policies are necessary.

Large corporations have IT auditors as members of project teams, to make sure they follow the rules. They also do audits in some areas of the business on a frequent basis, others less so.

To satisfy our board of directors, an outside firm was hired to audit my Y2K project. I did a great deal of spoon feeding. You can use them to have an "unbiased" take on your pet improvement ideas. Beware that in my case, the report sounded like everything they suggested came from them not me, but we corrected that in the report - you should ask whether you can review the draft.

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