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    Augmented Reality


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    what is the Role of Augmented Reality in Different Industries?

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      Your question is far too vague and if it draws SPAM replies this conversation will be closed.

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      i am gona explain what i was asking. like some industries i know in which AR used. Augmented reality tools for education are already actively used for the training of students during surgeries and other procedures. and also in
      entertainment, most promising industry for augmented reality app development.

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      Print Industry

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      As a worldwide digital marketing advisor for HP, I first fame across augmented reality. The application was for labels and packaging to provide a “phygital experience” where you could point your phone at the packaging of a super hero toy and see the characters come to life. I thought it was pretty cool but too cumbersome for the user and expensive to produce.

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      AR implementation in various industries

      by Biz4SolutionsPvtLtd ·

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      Augmented reality integrates the real and the virtual world (computer-generated content) to offer an interactive and immersive experience. Users can experience an enhanced version of the real physical world. This is achieved through using sensory stimuli like digital visual elements, sound, etc. via technology.

      Here are some examples of AR implementation across various industries.

      AR is being used in the gaming industry for blending the virtual environment with the real world to offer an immersive experience to users. Immersive AR tools are also used in the eLearning sector for resolving the limitations of traditional learning and transforming the learning experience altogether. ThirdEye X2 smart glasses are an example.
      The Healthcare industry is leveraging AR in several ways. One such use case is the use of AR glasses during surgeries. Surgeons can project a CAT image or an X-ray over patients’ bodies to get better visibility of the internal organs.
      AR plays an important role in the Manufacturing industry. It enables the workforce to visualize data in real-time and improve the productivity of the decision-making process to a great extent.
      AR offers remote shoppers an immersive in-store shopping experience. Brands like IKEA and Sephora have already reaped the benefits of this approach through their mobile apps.
      AR benefits rescue operations by simulating hazardous circumstances.

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