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    Aust Community services reduced to using peer to peer networks to survive


    by dainas ·

    I am in South Australia and am trying to help a Community center that has branches throughout the North of Adelaide. I only have a Cert 4 in Networking – my skills are elsewhere in IT – But The government and local council have not stretched to appointing a Network Manager – in fact they have left the entire service basically to one woman who is supposed to obtain grants, run the services of of NorthEastCommunityHelp including the computers, and classes for the local residents, and be in several offices at the same time.
    I need information from experts, so I have turned to you
    I am doing this on voluntary basis, because I see the problems that are occuring in this neighbourhood -Again I ask you to Please Help me-

    The Peer to Peer network has been set up by someone I do’nt know. There are 6 computers. One is the “Admin” (XP Pro). One other is used by volunteers (XP Home), and the other four (2 XP Home, 2 Win 98) are for training people in the community about basic computer and internet skills.
    The unknown person has set the “Admin” computer up so that the permissions allow the Admin computer to view and edit any other files on the network. This computer is in the office of the above mentioned Lady who is trying to run everything at once. This “Admin” computer is running XP Pro, and the “someone” set up a system to use Commander S/W to run the network. I am not familiar with Commander, but assume it is something like Microsoft Explorer with bells on.
    There are problems like the fact that the person who set this up did Not instruct the users properly, so they did not save their files in the correct areas for backup (They are all over several computers and mixed up in different Drives). I am trying to remedy ALL this –

    I have established a backup plan that is appropriate to the circumstances – but that won’t be any good if I can’t get their network and basic file system working so they know where to put their files…….

    I know this is Long-Winded, but I had to plead my case

    Again, I appeal to the Gurus of networking to help me

    With Hope

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