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    Australian Police Dept. Email Security Breach


    by marileev9 ·

    Australia’s Herald Sun broke a story yesterday that the Victoria Police accidentally leaked 7,000 sensitive pages to an officer who simply asked to see his own file,21985,20231813-661,00.html

    His inbox was greeted with that and more when he also got 291 files on Victoria residents

    Looks like the Australian government is just as bad as the U.S. for keeping private information safe.

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      Importance of compliance

      by mroonie ·

      In reply to Australian Police Dept. Email Security Breach

      Atleast something is being done about the Australian breach, unlike the US government who seems to be wearing the dunce cap on this one…

      “Victoria Police has been issued with a compliance notice for a serious contravention of the Privacy Act and ordered to tighten security.

      A compliance notice has also been issued on the Department of Justice, which has electronic access to LEAP records”

      Many companies feel that it may be a hassle to be compliant but atleast it will prevent disasters like this from happening! Other companies who have not been compliant should consider doing so in the near future so as to keep company and client information safe.

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      Two of a kind

      by milal9 ·

      In reply to Australian Police Dept. Email Security Breach

      The US and Australian governments should really get together and talk… about how to finally start securing their citizens’ information.

      Victoria Police may have gotten lucky; at least the person the files were forwarded to was another cop (although with personal financial information in their hands, who knows what might one end up doing…

      This reminds me of the FTC laptop theft. How is it that agencies who’s duty is to protect us are suddenly putting us in danger of identity theft?

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        Aussie Privacy

        by marileev9 ·

        In reply to Two of a kind

        I’m surprised more organizations haven’t picked up on this Down-Under privacy breach. 7,000 pages of senstive information is nothing to turn a blind eye at.

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