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Authenticating to domain

By davidr ·
We are starting to migrate to WinXP Pro and have noticed that the test machines have trouble logging onto (authenticating) the domain1. Our DNS service is run on a UNIX/Solaris platform. We have considered the possiblity that DNS issues are causing the problem, is there an easy way to make XP DNS compatible with UNIX DNS? Is there another possible solution we have over looked? We have also noticed that if a test machine is able to logon successfully the samba drives have to be unmapped and remapped to be accessible. Anyone have any ideas what might be causing that? Thanks.

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by stress junkie In reply to Authenticating to domain

DNS is just a name/address server. It should not
interfere with any network authentication software.
Just make sure that the DNS server(s) have the correct
name/address information.

If your XP machines are using Microsoft network
domain authentication then the DNS server shouldn't
be involved in authentication, assuming it has the right
addresses for all of the computers. If your Solaris
machine is using Samba to be a Microsoft domain
controller then the Solaris machine may be involved.
Check your Samba configuration.

If the XP machines are somehow using Kerberos or
PAM authentication and if the Solaris DNS server is
also serving that authentication service to the network
then the Solaris machine could be involved. Check
your Kerberos or PAM configuraton.

If you are using Microsoft network authentication and
all of your Microsoft network domain controllers are
running Microsoft software then the Solaris machine is
not involved. ( Assuming that the DNS database has
the correct information ).

Check the XP clients' TCP/IP broadcast mask and
subnet mask.

Check network and security log files on both the XP
clients and on the domain controllers. If they look okay
then check the log files on the Solaris machine, just to
be sure.

If these hints don't help then please supply more
details about your network configuration in the areas
mentioned above.

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by davidr In reply to

Thanks stress junkie. We have figured out that it is our NT4.0 DC that is causing the problems. There is a registry hack we have to make on XP machines for them to authenticate with the NT4.0 DC.

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by davidr In reply to Authenticating to domain

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