Authentication Problem running WAMP Apache MySql PHP on Windows

By fconte ·
I have a Windows authentication question. I've been trying to develop a wiki for project at work around one of our research topics. I have decided to go with MediaWiki, the software that drives the renown Wikipedia.

I have been attempting this at home on a Dell laptop for testing purposes. This laptop is running XP and, when I can guage it, IIS (More on this later.)

To do so I have had to install WAMP a package of PHP, Apache and MySQL. I have also tested another package Saint WAMP. Installing WAMP hasn't been a problem as I follow the technical directions. I go through the motions required and the self-extracting programs are installed on the laptop. I believe I make all the requisite changes to the *.ini and httpd.conf files. However when I go to review my install, particularly through a browser that points to http://localhost (or or can't remember which) I'm prevented from executing by a Windows authentication dialog box (It is the dialog box with the Key chain icon.) The preset for the user is something like this name of the computer followed by putative user i.e. MYHOMELAPTOP/Frank. I enter the designated password for user FRANK and it doesn't recognize the password I have assigned it at the Windows authentication level (i.e. User Accounts etc.) I can't seemed to get around this.

Adding to the issue is the fact that I'm not sure whether IIS is installed or not. Sometimes it appears it is, sometimes, after removing Windows Components, it does not. The whole checkbox thing seems counter intuitive namely that if Windows finds IIS installed it will remove it upon command and vice versa. The bottom line is that I don't really need IIS if WAMP is installing Apache. In the background Apache does seem to start and stop upon command. Even after uninstalling IIS I find that I can't browse to localhost. I looked into the internals of IIS and LOG ON LOCALLY but it didn't resolve anything. My brother suggested that the problem might lie with the Apache configuration but this problem popped up even when I uninstalled WAMP.

Any suggestions are welcome.

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If you want to use Apache as your webserver

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Authentication Problem ru ...

IIS must be turned off (or moved to a different port, but I doubt you want to get into that).

Personally I'd uninstall WAMP, disable IIS in services. you then give you a page not found error (404).

Now install wamp, went in first time for me but IIS wasn't on the box I was running.

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I'll give it a try

by fconte In reply to If you want to use Apache ...

Thanks Tony
I'll give it a try. IIS is apparently the issue I was just perplexed by whether the service has started or not....

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Why not using IIS?

by johann.schadler In reply to Authentication Problem ru ...

Mediawiki works perfectly with IIS/PHP und supports Windows Authentication too if you are using phpisapi.dll for PHP support in IIS. (The only disadvantage may be, that this stack doesn't support "dirty" URLs like .../index.php/Mainpage.)

J. Schadler

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