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Authentication with Apache

By david ·
Before anything else, hello to all, as I am new in this forum...

I'm trying to install authentication on Apache and I've followed all steps from the howto at Apache site (

My httpd.conf has the following configuration:

Alias /ftp "/ftp/mp3/"

<Directory "/ftp/mp3">
Options MultiViews
AllowOverride AuthConfig
AuthType Digest
AuthName "GSXR Server"
AuthUserFile /var/www/passwords
AuthGroupFile /var/www/groups
Require group GroupName
Order deny,allow

Both groups and passwords files are placed in the right directory and group named GroupName is created and users have their respective paswords in the passwords file, created with htpasswd /var/www/passwords user_name.

When I try to access the folder I want to protect, the login window pops up but, after filling user name and password, I always get the same error message:

Erro interno do Servidor!
O servidor encontrou um erro interno e n?o foi poss?vel completar sua requisi??o. O servidor est? sobrecarregado ou existe um erro em um script CGI.

Se voc? acredita ter encontrado um problema no servidor, por favor entre em contato com o webmaster.

Error 500
Apache/2.0.47 (Red Hat Linux)

Meantime, at apache log, I see the following:

[Tue Feb 17 01:30:15 2004] [crit] [client] configuration error: couldn't check user. No user file?: /ftp

I've searched the net and don't know what else to do in order to solve this item, but I have the feeling that some detail should be missing in apache's howto.

I do thank in advance to whomever may help me.

Regards to all
David Pires

Suzuki GSXR 1100 - ?Respect the bike or the bike will kill you?

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Just a thought.

by JIM-H In reply to Authentication with Apach ...

Hello David,

Welcome to the forum.

Great detail on the problem; I'm not an Apache expert but I'll give this one a shot.

- View your pssword file to make sure you have users. ( cat /var/www/passwords ) The format should be "username:password". The passwords will probably be encrypted and this is preferred.
- View your group file to make sure your group is setup correctly. ( cat /var/www/groups ) The format here should be something like this all in one line, "GroupName: username#1 username#2 username#3 etc...". You specified this group in the http.conf file with line "Require group GroupName".
- Make sure your Web Server can view these password and group files. This can be done like this: ( ls -al /var/www/passwords) and ( ls -al /var/www/groups ). You should keep the access to the files VERY minimal. A common setting, where "nobody" is the group of your web server, is something like "chown root:nobody path/to/password_files" and "chmod 640 /path/to/password_files".

Hope it helps,

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