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    auto answer message in Exchange 2003


    by bhesner ·

    We have Exchange Server 2003, with one of our user accounts set up as “support@…” for customer service. I would like for this address to automatically respond to every incoming email (ideally not internal emails) with something like “thanks for your inquiry… etc.” I would like for this to not be an “Out of Office Auto-Response”, but that’s all I can figure out how to implement, for now.

    I know that I can set this up as a “Rule”, but is it true that MSExchange Rules can now only be client-side? That therefore the user would have to be logged in with Outlook open on a client machine in order for this to work? I find it really hard to believe that I’d have to dedicate a machine just for this purpose.

    Is there not a way to set up an auto-response somewhere on the server side, without it saying “Out of Office”?

    Please help!! Thanks very much,

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