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We have Exchange Server 2003, with one of our user accounts set up as "support@..." for customer service. I would like for this address to automatically respond to every incoming email (ideally not internal emails) with something like "thanks for your inquiry... etc." I would like for this to not be an "Out of Office Auto-Response", but that's all I can figure out how to implement, for now.

I know that I can set this up as a "Rule", but is it true that MSExchange Rules can now only be client-side? That therefore the user would have to be logged in with Outlook open on a client machine in order for this to work? I find it really hard to believe that I'd have to dedicate a machine just for this purpose.

Is there not a way to set up an auto-response somewhere on the server side, without it saying "Out of Office"?

Please help!! Thanks very much,

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What did you do?

by Richard Noel In reply to auto answer message in Ex ...

Our company is having the same issue. Did you find a solution?

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Our Solution

by Richard Noel In reply to What did you do?

I found a method online that will auto reply to an email sent to our support group, and then forward the email to a distribution list.

This was a very elegant solution but we had two caveats.

We are using Exchange 2007

1st caveat:
I didn't see why and we didn't make the Public Folder a member of the Distribution List.

2nd caveat:
In the properties of the Distribution List
Click on the Mail Flow Settings tab
Double click on the Message Delivery Restrictions
Uncheck ?Require that all senders are authenticated?

That one was preventing the Public Folder from forwarding the email to the Distribution List.

Thanks to everyone that posted solutions.


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In Outlook,

by CG IT In reply to auto answer message in Ex ...

auto reply with a template. you don't click the radio buttons for out of office or in the office replies.

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