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    Auto Bid function for Auction Web Site

    by roelfk7 ·

    Good day Guys,

    I need some help or any ideas. I need to create an auto bid function for an auction website.
    Ho it works if the user use the auto bid option he will type the maximum amount he is willing to bid up to in a textbox, and then he will choose one of 3 buttons with an amount it will bid each time and submit the auto bid by pressing a button.

    Ok so what I need to do is write a javascript or jquery to to check the amount he typed in against the current highest bid (the variable for that is $current_price). If his max amount is lower as that it must place a bit on his behalf automatically. Every time he is out bid the must place a bid for him again.

    To explain it differently, it will check the every time the current highest bid changed if it is still lower as his amount and if the bidder was not him but someone else it must place a bid automatically. I hope it make sense.

    Any ideas and help will be highly appreciated.

    Here is a example of the form I have created so far.

    Bootstrap Example

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