Auto Date in Microsoft Word Documents

By KatyLadyThompson ·
I have Microsoft Office Word 2003, and I have always been able to type the date in and AutoText completes the date. (Eg. Sept = September, and once I press the space bar it would enter the rest of the date: 9, 2007) However now it will only use AutoText for the month, and no longer the rest of the date.

I have already gone to the AutoText tab under insert, and clicked the box that says "Show AutoComplete Suggestions" as the help has instructed me to do. However nothing is changing. I really love the Auto Date feature, and as a student I am constantly using it. If anyone could PLEASE help me with this ASAP, I would GREATLY appreciate it! Thank you!

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Type the day of the month first

by Absolutely In reply to Auto Date in Microsoft Wo ...

"9 S..."
Word then suggests the month & year.

It does look like M$ is trying to deprecate
that feature in version 2003; I
put "autocomplete date" into the Help
window in Word 2003, and found instructions
to type the first 4 letters of any month,
then ENTER, then spacebar, then ENTER
again. The manual says that will result in
the current date being input as text. It
does not!

What will work instead is using Alt + "i"
to open the Insert menu, then "t" to
Activate the "Date and Time" menu,
then the down arrow some number of times to
select the date format you like. Underlined
letters on menus/controls in Windows always
indicate a letter you can use in
combination with the Alt key to activate
that menu/control, btw. When you pick the
date format you like, you can record that
entire key sequence in a macro. That's
under the "Tools" menu.

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