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    by teekay ·

    I have a table showing suburbs/towns with their associated zip/post code.
    In a data entry form how do I get the correct zip/post code to be automatically entered when the user enters the suburb/town?

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      by g… ·

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      How is the table stored? File or Database? Do you use some technology like Java, ASP, PHP,…?
      What is the use of your form?

      If you use a database and some kind of script or program, you can then just make your program to query the database to get your information. If it’s a text file you’ll have to parse you text to get it.
      If you want it absolutly to show up in the form you could use a javascript like like onChange(not sure it’s exactly that one but that’s the idea).

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      by sgt_shultz ·

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      since you use the terms ‘table’ and ‘entry-form’ i am guessing you are using Access?
      I think if download the free Northwind sample database and Forms samples database from you can just copy one that does automatic filling in of the form by looking up the data in a table. If you are using Excel, try VLOOKUP
      the nw sample database is also available on the second cd of the Office Pro cd set…along with the help files for it that really explain how the stuff works

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