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Auto Loader VS Tape Library

By ddsand ·
What does one need to take in to consideration when deciding between an Autoloader and a Tape Library?

All suggestions welcome.

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by LordInfidel In reply to Auto Loader VS Tape Libra ...

A tape library has an autoloader in it.

Or are you asking why should you go with an autoloading tape library instead of a static tape drive (where you have to physically remove the tapes).

Usually the #1 reason for going with an auto loader aka "Tape Vault", is to move away from having to change out tapes on a daily basis.

If for instance you buy a 24 tape library and each tape holds 200 gigs, and you are only backing up 100 gigs worth of data daily. You won't need to change out your tapes for 48 days.

That's a pretty long time to go without having to change out tapes.

An autoloader will typically work hand in hand with a backup program such as Veritas' Backup Exec. Where the program keeps track of what tapes it has used and selects a tape that can be used for it's next backup.

The name of the game when it comes to backups is fire and forget. The less you have to do to manage your backups the more reliable they become.

The last thing you want is for your job to fail becuase you forgot to change out your tapes. And you don't want to use the same tape over and over again.

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