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Auto Logon

By Shanghai Sam ·
I want to Auto logon to my pc. Its having a nic and is in Peer-Peer config. I tries through windows family logon and Automatic logon option in Tweauk utility. Stilll at start up its asking the password.

Is there any other way than removing Microsoft Client network

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Auto Logon

by Shanghai Sam In reply to Auto Logon

Make sure your windos family logon and Microsft Logon are both the same, use Tweak to enable auto Logon.
that should do it for you. it works for me :-)

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Auto Logon

by hkcltd In reply to Auto Logon

Another option that you have is to change your login name and do not enter any password. windows detects this and does not request a password in the future. this sh0ould be tried if the TweakUI option does not work.

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Auto Logon

by maxwell edison In reply to Auto Logon

Registry edit that allows automatic log-on.

For this to work, you must have a password, and you must enter the password that you chose for your system log-on. If you enter a
different password, you'll have problems with other programs.

Keep in mind the usual warnings about making changes to the Registry.

Run RegEdit and navigate to


Look in the right pane for AutoAdminLogon. If it's there, double-click it and change the value to 1.

If it isn't there, choose Edit, New, String Value. Name the new value AutoAdminLogon. Now double-click the new entry's icon and give it the value 1.

Click OK.

For the automatic log-on to work, you have to add your password. Look for DefaultPassword in the right pane. If it isn't there, create it by choosing Edit, New, String Value. Double-click the new icon and when the dialog box opens, assign your password to it. Click OK to close the dialog box. (Note: The password cannot be a space or a null string. If you use a space or null string, this tip will not work).
Now you can close RegEdit and restart the computer.


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Auto Logon

by Ann777 In reply to Auto Logon

Another thing you could do is delete all of your *.pwl files and resetup your logon and enter your password twice. Then setup tweakui and fill in the autologon part. it should be working for you, but it might not if the PWL file is incorrect.Thus, deleteing all PWL files (Password List) should resolve this.

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