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Auto logon to printer sharing computer

By jmw ·
I have 4 workstations at home (2 - Win2000 and 2 - XP). I have a HP G85 printer attached to my own system (Win2000) and I am sharing it over the LAN. However, if I reboot my system, while anyone else is on the LAN, then they lose connection to my printer and we have to use WIN Explorer to reconnect to the printer and in order to do this you have to type in the logon and password for my system.

Is there anyway to set up the other users so that they don't have to do this. Is there a way to have each of the other machines do an automatic logon to my machine when they lose connection to my printer?

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by omie In reply to Auto logon to printer sha ...

All you need to do is get a printserver like HP jetdirect unit.

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by jmw In reply to

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This is not an option because all of the features I want to use with the HP G85 will not be available if I use a print server.

However, if there is no way to do what I want to do without buying a new piece of equipment then I would like someone to tell me that also.

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by CG IT In reply to Auto logon to printer sha ...

Hummm, how are you connecting everything together? A switch/hub? A router?
I've never tried this so I don't know if it will work nor do I know exactly how this process/service operates [haven't ever tried it as I said] but you can specify permanent shared objects on W2K/XP computers in administrative tools/local computer policy/user rights assignments. This "might" reestablish the shared connection to the printer.

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by jmw In reply to

I am connecting through a router.

I tried your suggestion and created some permanently shared objects but that didn't seem to work. I even creayed some permanently shared objects on one of the other workstations. I am very aware that I may not have selected the correct objects to share so that could be why your suggestion didn't work.

But at any rate I still have not solved my problem.

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by jireland607 In reply to Auto logon to printer sha ...

I have never seen this happen before. To prevent the need for each user to log onto your computer, create user accounts on your computer for each of them using the same passwords. They should now be able to connect to your computer with authentication.

I was under the impression that when a printer was taken off line it simply means you can not access the properties or use it until the host computer is turned back on. This is what happened on my 2k machine.

How have you installed the printer. You must share the printer on your computer and then add network printer on the other machines and browse your computer for your printer share. This will install it on the other computers but will not pull the driver across. Try installing it like this.

Hope this helps

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by jmw In reply to

I created user accounts on my system for the people whose workstations were going to need access to my printer and that seemed to solve everything.

I waited awhile before responding to this answer because I wanted to make sure it worked all of the time and it was not just a fluke when I first made the necessary changes.

Thanks a lot, this was a big help.

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by jmw In reply to Auto logon to printer sha ...

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