Auto Mapping of Network Drives on Diffrent Computers

By Fearl3$$ ·
Hi, I wonder If anyone can help me out a bit...

I have a network with quite a few users on it. Now Like users are, they always like to move around allot. Or their PC Crash, or a upgrade to a new pc had to be done.

And Every Time this happens, all network Drives need to be re-mapped on that Reloaded/New Machine. This is wasting 10 min of time that I could have used for something else.(Users do not know how to map the shares them selves and there is no point in teaching them)

Creating a Batch file to map the drives, is easy, but I want it to map only when the user logs on to a new machine, not every time the user logs on.(like when doing a logon script, that runs every time).

Roaming profiles is not an option.

Help will be apreciated.


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Conditional Login Script?

by Bizzo In reply to Auto Mapping of Network D ...

Put the drive mappings in the login script, but have it conditional, i.e. if the user has logged onto this machine before, do not map drives, if new user, then map drives.

You could do this by creating a dummy file on the machine, based on the username, when the drives get mapped for the first time. And on subsequent logins, the file already exists, so the drive don't need to be mapped again.

The only downside from this would be that if the file is deleted then the drives will be mapped again.

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Why do you not want to use a logon scirpt?

by 1bn0 In reply to Auto Mapping of Network D ...

and just map every time they logon?

I was wondering what benefit you see in setting things up that way or if there is some issue you are trying to avoid?

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Network Mapping script.

by Fearl3$$ In reply to Why do you not want to us ...

I already have a few Scripts running. Witch makes Login on some machines slow. And Deleting and Mapping drives everytime you login sometimes create problems, that the user cant access those files(It did happen like that before, there is a few users That is already setup that way, but on their machines...

I am all for Login/Startup scripts.
I found another way to map the drives only once, by using a login script, and another GPO that adds a Reg entry to the user acccount. The Reg entry GPO Looks at the Machine/User and if the Mappings is not there it will create it, other wise it will do nothing.

it is quite simple to set it up, I will have to test thoroughly before implementing it....

but the other way I thought of, was just to create a batch login script, that only creates the drives, and if it is there it will only give a Error. and go on. will do that in non visable mode tho, coz otherwise my phone will not stop ringing :-)

Thanx for the comments sofar.

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