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By Sprocket ·
We have mass users with locked down desktops in Citrix, only allowing them to access programs that have been pinned to the start menu.

The problem now is that we need to roll out a new program. Is there a way we can pin a new shortcut to everyones start menu automatically.

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Well, I'm just making an educated guess, here

by neilb@uk In reply to Auto pin to Start Menu

But if there were any way to access the "pin to start menu" programmatically, every piece of crap software would ram itself in there and we'd already have start menus full of the stuff.

The fact that we don't suggests that you can't.


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Not familier with Citrix, but.....

by Labrat636 In reply to Auto pin to Start Menu

I would think there should be a folder or directory where all of the start menu shortcuts exist. Locate that folder by checking the properties of the shortcut, perhaps? If it is a typical hierarchical file system, think about where such a folder or directory might exist logically. Put your shortcut in that folder.

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Modify the gpo for the citrix users (or however you have it setup)

by jtakiwi In reply to Auto pin to Start Menu may hold an idea for you
Not sure what method you used to lock down the user desktop, but if you put the start menu shortcut in the all users profile, it will show for everyone, unless you've removed that w/ policy settings. If you get more specific with how you are configured, I can assist more, I support 50ish Citrix servers in various configurations (different clients)

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