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Auto Play Ads. Viewster

By cpguru21 ·
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Well I think I am done with this site.

Today viewing the main techrepublic page, I notice as I am scrolling there is a viewster ad playing all on its own. With sound. This is not the embedded in the IBM ad toward the top (which I would be happy to watch, being an IBM user and support the corporate marketing related to my field) but was an ad with teenage kids sitting at a table watching some hot girl cross the street.

It wasn't even related to anything tech. In fact I found it insulting. I usually peruse this site periodically at the office.

I quickly browsed away (this is the only site I have had this happen on) and came here to rant.

So a couple of things I would like to see discussed:

1. do you think these kinds of ads are ok on a tech site?
2. What tools do you use (ie browser tools etc..) to stop ads like this from playing?
3. is this enough grounds to leave tech republic for better tech news pastures?

I think this may be enough for me to leave permanently, but wondering what you all think.

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Well I suppose it all depends

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Auto Play Ads. Viewster

After all TR is a free site and they sell advertising space to keep the self open delivering the content that we want. As to if the add was suitable or not that all depends but here I would assume that if the add was not targeted at tech related stuff it either means that there is not enough advertisers to fill the space or that the advertisers that there in the tech space are unwilling to pay the fees that TR asks so they have gone elsewhere.

Regardless if we want TR to remain open we need to either accept the advertising that they can sell or pay to be a member. Personally I don't see the adds or maybe I just ignore them to such a extent that I'm not aware of then. I would also think that adds not targeted to tech wouldn't be overly successful and that eventually those paying to have them displayed will move to places where they get better bang for their buck and generate more sales.

Anyway regardless I have yet to find a better Tech Site so I'm sticking with TR for now.


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I understand the need for TR to "Pay the Bills"

by cpguru21 In reply to Well I suppose it all dep ...

and I will often review ads and a few IBM related ads lead clicks from me. I just have a huge problem with browsing TR in a work environment and have ads with sound that auto-play.

Again this isn't an "I am against ads on TR" so please don't take it that way. I AM against ads with audio that auto play AND have nothing to do with tech. An ad that auto plays with audio of a teenager ooogling a lady walking across the street is not appropriate, and could lead to issues in the work place.

And before its said, I do not look at TR out side of work. I have a busy life style. I do not view tech blogs from home unless I am specifically looking for something.

As for a better Tech site, I do enjoy TR. Are there better sites? That's a matter of opinion. Spiceworks site looks mighty appetizing right about now.

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