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Auto reinstall of devices

By Buzzcut62 ·
First of all, I don't know that I am in the right place for this question, so if I am not, please forgive me and put this where it belongs! Here is my 'problem': Using the info I got from your site, titled "Uncover Devices With Device Mgr.", and following the directions to a 't', I uninstalled the things I could. However, when I did a reboot, ALL of the stuff came back; I now have to go through it all again. This is my question: How do I prevent a 're-install of the uneeded hardware on the re-boot? A for instance of what I am saying is the driver for 'Closed Caption Decoder'. First of all, I have no use for that, and secondly, what is it even for?! If I wanted Closed Captioning for my PC, I would ask for something to give it to me. Will someone please tell me how to make these silly things go away, and stay away!

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by Black Panther In reply to Auto reinstall of devices

One way is to actually remove the hardware itself especially if you don't need it.

If it's not causing any problems why try and remove the driver if the hardware still exists?

You can turn off auto detect for printers but as far as i know you can't for devices.

I would imagine that most people would want to leave it on and M$ has designed the auto detect function to save home users time and problems if they accidently delete a device.

hope this has helped :)

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by TheChas In reply to Auto reinstall of devices

I took a look and did not find the article you mentioned.
If you could provide a link, I can provide a more detailed explanation of why it may not work for you.

Please post a comment listing the hardware you are attempting to remove, and why you want to remove it from device manager.

As to your "Closed Caption Decoder", I assume that you have a video card with a built-in TV tuner.
In order to stop the closed caption decoder from loading, you first need to disable the closed caption feature on the video card.

As stated in the first answer, you cannot just remove hardware from device manager and expect Windows to not find and reinstall the drivers on the next boot.

In XP, you do have the option to disable a device, or to create a hardware profile and limit what devices are available to specific users.


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