Auto Restore?

By briant28 ·
Is there a way to have "public" workstations restore by itself? Let say we have 3 or more stations that clients, visitor, etc... uses everyday. We want to keep the computer clean and avoid viruses. Will restoring the system helps? If so, how can I automate the computer to restore to a certain date every day? Is there a software that can do this or similar to it? We just want to avoid the hassle of cleaning up the computer manually :)

Thanks in advance!

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Probably not the best idea

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Auto Restore?
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try steadystate by microsoft.

by databaseben In reply to Auto Restore?

basically, you can't keep undesired data off the system unless you clean the system of the trash files and unwanted folders and files.

however, you can retain the desired state of the system by having the registry hive restored.

restoring a backed up registry hive, will overwrite the current registry and abolish any modifications to the system.

there are a number of methodologies to restore the desired registry / state of the system.

however, microsoft does provide a program called "steady state", which might be helpful for this endeavor.

but you could also create a batch file or a powershell executable that could be set to run to clean and restore the state of the system - that is if you want to build your own custom application. powershell is also available by microsoft.

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