Auto shutdown of all desktops on network.

By MEdwards ·
I need to shut down network desktops in a specific group at a specified time daily. What is the best way to do this?

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More info would help

by IC-IT In reply to Auto shutdown of all desk ...

are you in a domain environment? Running AD, Ghost, SMS?
If ghost you could create a shutdown task for that group.
You could schedule a task through a startup script.
etc, etc, etc.

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Shutdown command.

by michael.carr In reply to Auto shutdown of all desk ...

This might help in some way, use the shutdown command in windows XP/Vista.

(XP, you'll need to learn the Vista "/?"

"shutdown -s"

the windows system will shutdown with that command there are other things you can do but this will shutdown the computers, but you may need to edit it in some way.

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Shutdown or Restart?

by Churdoo In reply to Auto shutdown of all desk ...

Assuming workstations are 2K/XP, and on a domain such that a single set of credentials can shutdown the members.

to shutdown:
shutdown -s -m \\computername -t 30
will shutdown "computername" in 30 seconds.

to restart:
shutdown -r -m \\computername -t 30

So you can create a textfile containing a list of computernames, one name per line, and write a batch job to execute this command for each computername in the textfile. Schedule this batch file on a server as a scheduled task that runs at the correct time.

I'll give the syntax a try, but one of you scripters correct my syntax as necessary.
for %c in computernames.txt do shutdown -s -m \\%c -t 30


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by MEdwards In reply to Shutdown or Restart?

Yes, sorry. It's win2k3 AD domain and desktops are XP. I was hoping there was a way to do this by group membership instead of having to list each computer. I'll try this to make sure I can get it to work.

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There is, using LDAP

by Churdoo In reply to Thanks,

You can do this with a VBScript and LDAP queries, I just don't know exactly how, and obviously it has to do with how you have your membership set up exactly.

Seems to me that you want this to run from a central server rather than from the individual workstations; mainly because it's just one place to maintain.

The server that's executing this shutdown could issue an LDAP query for all of the computer objects that are members of the shutdown group or OU. Once you have the list, the rest is easy. I've only done very basic LDAP queries so can't help you much more than this, but this can be done.

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bunch of programs on the net

by CG IT In reply to There is, using LDAP

or you can VB script it like churdoo says...

Solar Winds makes a bunch of tools if you don't want to make your own.

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