Auto spell check freezing outlook

By Charvell ·
I have 1 user who's outlook freezes when he tries to send an email and he has auto spell check enabled. If he does not use the automatic spell check it works fine (even if he manually runs spell check before sending). I've done a repair to his outlook installation, but that did not resolve the issue.

Backround information - We select 2 options for the spell check: 1)Always check spelling before sending. 2) Ignore original message test in reply or forward. User's outlook version is 2003 SP3, exchange version 2010 (not sure if that makes a difference). Users hardware is an HP dc7700 with 1GB of ram a 2.0 GHz Intel processor. Generally the User keeps Word, Excel, Outlook, and Adobe Reader open (although closing all those programs and only having outlook open didn't resolve the issue).

Any thoughts would be greating appreciated.

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Spell check freezing outlook

by michael.umehara In reply to Auto spell check freezing ...

I used to suffer the same issue but noted that it only happened on emails that I replied to; not generated clean. The only method I found to bypass the issue was to save the email as draft, close and re-open and then send. Spell check would then complete properly.

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