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Auto System Restart

By winters ·
Hey Guys And Galls,

just wondering if any of you new about this problem, i was playing a game and then all of a sudden my pc rebooted automatically and then at startup it said "windows has recovered from a serious problem" i didnt send the information but could anyone tell me as to why this is occuring and how i can make sure it doesnt happen again:

#PC Spec#

windows xp pro S2
Asus P4PE 845 X Series
Pentium 4 Intel 2.4 Processor
G-ForceFX 5600 256 Meg
1 Gig Of 400 Speed DDR Ram
Onboard Sound And Lan
40 Gig Harddrive (30% Used)

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by jmgarvin In reply to Auto System Restart

I would bet you have a heat problem. Check your case fan(s), your CPU fan and monitor your heat (you can probably do this in your bios).

If it isn't heat, I'm eat my socks.

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by winters In reply to Heat

Ya, see the thing is i have only just yesturday, cant remember the exact reading but asked around to see what is an exceptable temp. from what i got it says its ok. also i should add that i have a standard atx power supply with a BIG prosessor fan and also a cheap case fan.

could you tell me what is an exceptable temperature for your pc? if not then could anyone else comment on this problem?

Thank you all,


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I'm not sure about Pentiums ...

by stress junkie In reply to Heat

... but my AMD Athlon XP CPUs have a rated maximum operating temperature of 195 degrees Farenheit. They typically run at 115 degrees Farenheit. I have a background process that keeps the CPU 100% busy all of the time. It's possible that the CPU would get hotter if I ran newer games.

Here is a place to start looking for Pentium specifications. I tried to find exact thermal information here but there are so many links that reference other pages that I couldn't get a quick answer.

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If it's not heat..

by Frenchwood In reply to Heat

I'll eat jmgarvin's socks too...

not necessarily CPU heat, could be your P/S overheating.

Check every fan in your machine, and make sure there is plenty of ventilation space at the back of it too.

If all else fails - Switch to Linux!!

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Disable Automatic reboot

by rickrbyrne In reply to Auto System Restart

Well first it could be heat, bad stick of RAM, weak power supply let the list go on. The first thing you should do is disable the automatic reboot. You can do this by right clicking my computer click on the advanced tab then select the startup and recovery button and then under system failure take the check mark out of automattically reboot. Now if the error happens again you will see the error and then you will have a better idea on what happened.

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Disable Auto Reboot,

by winters In reply to Disable Automatic reboot

Thanks m8, i will do that but i dont see this correcting the problem, i need to assitain the reason for it happening so i can fix the error before it occurs again, can you or someone else direct me towards a more exact co-ordinate as the list above is too long and i could end up buying a new pc at this point, so we need to say for example, yes its the power supply then i got and get a new one also i should note: i bought the gig if ram in one package and is brandnew from the manufacturer themselves not from a local dealer, so its not ram!

Kind Reagrds,

Battlefield 2 UO

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Just because it's new Doesnt' mean it's good!

by djameson In reply to Disable Auto Reboot,

Just because it's new Doesnt' mean it's good! ever heard of DOA?

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Auto Reboot (Part 2)

by winters In reply to Auto System Restart

Also Just A Addon to the above statement,

i check the advanced settings and the auto reboot was already unticked,

so its not that problem,

Thanks anyway m8

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Re: Auto System Restart

by bdjames_29 In reply to Auto System Restart

Hey Winters,
You will most likely find that you have a driver confliction. I suggest that you update to the latest drivers for all your system hardware. That should cure the problem
Keep it clean

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by mikey3000 In reply to Auto System Restart

sounds like you have a hardware problem..I find a lot of times the video card gets too hot , or a bad memory stick try using memtest86 to test the memory and if thats not the up your case and play a while if it doesnt crash then you know it's a heat issue

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