Auto update distribution list Exchange 2003

By sap ·

I have a question that I hope you can help me with.
I have a lot of contacts in severel different distribution lists.
When a contact's email address changed, it would suggest that the change would be reflected in the distribution lists instantly. But that is not the case.
I realize that you can press the 'Update now' button, but then you will of course have to open the distribution list.
I'm looking for a solution that can update the distribution lists automatically.
I am running with exchange 2003

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What would suggest?

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Auto update distribution ...

You said: "it would suggest that the change would be reflected in the distribution lists instantly" .... WHAT would suggest? WHAT is IT?

I've never seen or heard of anything automatic when it comes to 'outside' email addresses. You've always had to update those manually since the beginning of email itself.

The only thing automatic is updates to email addresses within your same company on the exchange server. That's handled by the exchange server itself.

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Ok. Let me try again.

by sap In reply to What would suggest?

I have a lot of outsite contacts. The outsite contacts is handlet by severel off my colleagues. When they get a mail with a new e-mail adress etc., they update the contact.
Alle these contacts is linked in severel distribution lists.
Now, when a contact is updatet, i thought that the update could be seen en the distribution list, but that is not the case.
The distribution list have to be opened, to activate the 'Update now' button.
Can that 'Update now' feature, in a distribution list, be done automatically?

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Do you mean...

by Nimmo In reply to Ok. Let me try again.

When ou say you have a lot of outside contacts, do you mean you have created a lot of contacts in AD with external email addresses?

The only contacts that you can add to a distribution group are the local ones you created in AD.

When you modify a distribution group these changes won't be seen until the clients Outlook downloads the global address book which will give it the latest version.

You can make this process a little faster by going into the update offline address book section of Exchange and update/rebuild it.

This won't automatically update the Outlook clients because it is up to them to request the address book.

When I say it is up to them to request the address book what I mean is that Outlook has a schedule to automatically download the address book (not sure of the timing).

If a user really wants to see the contact in the distribution list they can go to the tools>send/receive>download address book.

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Contacts are not in AD

by sap In reply to Do you mean...

Thank you for your reply.

The contacts are not stored in AD, but in Public folders on the Exchange server.
Most of the contacts are stored in one large shared adressbook, and used from there in severel local/department distribution lists.

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Have you found a resolution?

by jbowen In reply to Contacts are not in AD

I have the same sitation. 2400 Contacts, 70 Distribution Lists stored in a Public Folder. Updating an email address is quite a chore and it's something that has to be done daily, due to the number of email addresses changing.

How can I perform a batch "Update Now" for any email address I update or for all contacts in the list?

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